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Saturday, January 25, 2014

E-mail questions regarding Black Lab Linux

Every time we have a new release of Black Lab Linux I always answer a few questions I get through e-mail and this gives you guys an indication that if I didnt respond to your mail, I at least got it.  So lets get started.

You claim that Black Lab Linux is compatible with Ubuntu and Debian, isnt that kind of erroneous?

Well, I dont think its erroneous.  We are source compatible with Debian and we have several applications installed that are from the Debian repositories and we have installed Debian binaries in the system.  However,  to curb confusion, we have changed our label at the top of the webpage so you, the user, doesnt feel like you have been misled.  Also, while being LSB 4.0 compliant, we are compatible with applications written to that specification.  For more information on LSB, Linux Standards Base go to their webpage

Why did you release your Enterprise desktop and server releases as downloads?

We did that for a couple of reasons.  To allow users and potential customers the ability to evaluate the systems, to allow them to test for compatibility on their systems and test any dedicated applications they have.  We have already benefited immensely from those releases.   We do understand asking someone to spend $100.00 on a release is a huge undertaking but we believe that with the feature set involved in our release and our 6 months of free phone and e-mail support is very much worth it.

How do you plan to change your image to the Linux community who thinks you guys and your products are useless?

That takes work to change an image of what people see in you and we think we can do it.  We went to some of our common haters and asked a question and started a dialogue, what would you guys like to see?  Thats part of the reason why we released Black Lab Enterprise Linux and Black Lab Server as evaluation downloads.  We started using packaging instead of just shipping a USB key, we instituted our 90 days phone support as well as our 6 month e-mail support system.  But we are not the only ones that need to change, people have this common misunderstanding that we are a commercial endeavor only and we arent, we have a free download release available.  We stand behind our distribution 100% of the way unlike some other well known Linux vendors.

There is a rumor that you guys are talking to IBM about working with them and releasing an OS/2 branded Linux distribution, how true is that rumor and will it ever happen?

Working with any partner,  I never say "whats going on with that".  Yes, we do have conversations with both IBM and Lenovo, most of them pertain to hardware compatibility.  x86 and PowerPC support.  Any software ventures I wont comment on except to say keep up with the Facebook pages and the web page for more information for any news.

Hey Roberto, Im one of the few amigans that enjoy what you do and you have always been straight up with me and I appreciate it.  If we purchase any of your hardware will we continue to get support or do all hardware vendors pull an A-EON and not support their hardware and deliver an OS that doesnt support even half the hardware.  I know you probably gave up on the Chromium support project for AmigaOS but can we get an explanation of why?

Thats a couple of questions and I will be be glad to answer.  What happened to the Chromium project for AmigaOS?  We couldnt get any AmigaOS compatible hardware.  All I personally heard was that it wasnt available and to try back later while I continued to see X1000 systems being shipped.  Also, the community spoke.  They put all their efforts and cash behind the Odyssey project.  But thats their choice and I wish them the best with it and we'll see what happens.  It wasnt because of lack of desire on our part, its because of lack of desire of Hyperion and others to let outsiders play in their sandbox and they are allowed to do that.  You dont have to take my word for it.  Look at these other companies that have tried to work with AmigaOS and have had the same problem.  The Amiga scene will not improve until either Acer pulls the licensing agreement, which I doubt they will do because Amiga Inc and Hyperion have driven the value of AmigaOS and branding to near worthlessness, or Amiga Inc. and Hyperion go bankrupt and somebody gobbles up the remains in bankruptcy court.  Which is probably not too far off.

Now, Im going to defend Trevor and A-EON here.  They can only work with what they have and I think Trevor does great work and from the Linux users I know that have the X1000  tell me the systems are pretty good.  I cant tell you because every order I put in has been refused, but nonetheless.  Trevor is not to blame for the current state of AmigaOS hardware support, that falls on Hyperion.  PowerPC Linux has tremendous value and tremendous usage and time and time again when people have asked me about a good PowerPC Linux box I point them to Trevor and A-EON whom the conversations I have had with any of them has always been pleasant and productive.  And I will continue to do so.

RD, why is the interface for Enterprise and regular Black Lab Linux so different?

We do that for familiarity.  Windows XP and Windows 7 have long ruled the roost of corporate desktops and so people get used to a certain look and feel.  So we have that traditional taskbar type interface to increase familiarity and reduce retraining efforts on the part of our customers.  Either way we have an internal program that if a company or user wants the traditional Black Lab Linux desktop that we send to customers should they want it.  But the current desktop for Enterprise seems to be liked so we may look at doing something similar in the free release in the future.

BLL team, do you ever plan to release your education release for evaluation like you did for Enterprise?

Not publicly, any education facility or educator that wants to evaluate Black Lab Linux for Education just needs to contact us and we will set up a way for them to get an evaluation copy for free.

Whats in store for 4.3 and 5.0?

A whole lot of improvements and changes.

How do you install the KDE desktop on Black Lab Linux?

Well, we have a KDE version now that you guys can download and use.  We also include the Kubuntu backports PPA so you can install KDE 4.12 alongside XFCE.

Hows the fundraiser going, have you guys met your goal yet?

No we havent met our goal and its going pretty good.  You guys will know if we met our goal depending on whether we release an ARM port or not.  We would as always like to thank everyone who has donated.