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Friday, January 24, 2014

Black Lab Server 4.2 released

Today we are pleased to announce that today we have updated Black Lab Server.

Black Lab Server is the premier server distribution to small to medium sized businesses.  While we target the small to medium sized businesses this system packs a huge punch.

With this update we have updated the system with all bug fixes and have added just a few new features:

PostgreSQL 9.1
Debian Installer
Apple Calendar Server
Google Print server
Obex Data Server
Red Hat Cluster Suite
OpenJDK 6
Webmin 1.670
389 Admin
 Plus many more
 XFCE 4.11.2
OpenSSH Server

And many more packages and updates...

While this release includes the XFCE desktop, upon boot it boots into the command line. 

Installation Practices

If you install this on a VM or on a desktop system you will be greeted with the standard Black Lab Installation through XFCE

On a headless server you have a couple of installation options
  • If you want to do a command line install you can utilize the Debian installer and install via the command line 
  • If you want to do a GUI install you can install via SSH with GUI
You can download an evaluation copy of Black Lab Server from the Sourceforge page

Or you can purchase a license from the webpage

With the purchased copy you get 6 months of support, 3 months of phone and e-mail support and 3 months of e-mail support.