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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux downloads released

Today we are pleased to announce the free downloads of Black Lab Linux 4.2 and Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.2.

Black Lab Linux 4.2 is our open source offering.  Its completely free to download.  It is free to use and deploy across as many systems as you would like.  You will get updates to the system until April 30, 2019 as it is equivalent to Ubuntu's LTS release.  This release is available for 64 bit machines in KDE and XFCE flavors.

For more information on Black Lab Linux 4.2 you can read the release statement here for changes and whats new.

You can download Black Lab Linux 4.2 from our Sourceforge page

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.2 is for the first time being released as a download for evaluation purposes.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is our complete Enterprise desktop offering.  With this download you get free phone and e-mail support for 30 days.  After the 30 days to continue support you can purchase a license from the online store

With this release you get:

XFCE 4.11, with KDE 4.12 as a download and install option
All developer tools, C++, ADA, Fortran, Objective C, Mono and Java
Multimedia authoring and playback tools such as Blender, Openshot, Inkscape, The Gimp, WinFF, Imagination, Clementine, Audacity and VLC
The Full LibreOffice suite and easy to use Database designer
Access controls, Cluster tools, Active Directory tools and NFS connectivity
Enhanced Encryption technologies (Available in Commercial release)
Support for Oracle 11g, WebObjects, JBoss and IBM WebSphere (Support past 30 days available in commercial release only)
Fully installable on a VM or local hard drive.

You can download this release from our Sourceforge Page

Bandwidth problems?   Would you like to order a starter kit, go to the online store

If you just want to donate to the project without purchasing a USB key you can donate here.

Your donations will be used for the following purposes
Finance the distribution
Pay for things like website maintenance
Purchase Equipment
Fund the work of developers

Why donate? Black Lab Linux is free of cost to download and funding is necessary to keep Black Lab Linux free to download as well as aid in costs of maintaining a distribution

How much should I donate? Anything you want to donate, the amount doesnt matter.

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