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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Lab Linux 4.2 released

Today, January 12, 2014 we are pleased to announce the release of  Black Lab Linux 4.2.  Black Lab Linux 4.2 is our consumer oriented release targeted at general desktop users as well as power users.  Black Lab Linux 4.2 is designed for ease of use, high availability and multimedia creation and consumption.  Black Lab Linux 4.2 is your next generation platform for work and play

With this release what do we bring in terms of updates.

Newer updated kernel which helps eliminate bugs and also brings driver support and improved hardware support.

New stack which is the engine which drives the GUI interface and features.  With improved support for touch interfaces and input methods, Black Lab Linux can be installed on a variety of machines including first generation 64 bit machines to brand new Intel i7 systems..

We also revamped the UI due to user demand so the OS gets out of the way of whatever task you are trying to accomplish.

XFCE 4.11, with this highly innovative and light user interface it is low power and low memory so more of your system memory is dedicated to your applications than powering the UI.

For the first time ever, we are also releasing a KDE release for users who prefer the KDE desktop and that release ships with KDE 4.12

LibreOffice 4.1.4,  this is the de-facto standard of open source office suites.  With LibreOffice you have document compatibility with all Microsoft Office formats including the newer XML based formats, as well as other legacy document formats.

Chromium 31.  Web browsing and web applications are very important to the average user, and for this we have included the award winning Chromium Web Browser which is the standards based platform to host your web applications, very fast and very simple to use.  Chromium being cross platform, its also the same across multiple platforms so you will feel right at home.

Thunderbird 24 with the lightning extension for reading your mail and keeping up with important dates and times.  You can also sync your Google calendar events for off-line use.

Audacious 3.4 for listening to streaming music as well as all your mp3, AAC and WMA music files

VLC for watching streaming video as well as video files on your hard drive in all formats.  VLC also supports DVD and Blu-Ray playback.

Camorama for taking photos from your webcam

Audacity 3, for audio production

OpenShot Video editor for making your own home videos

Steam Client for accessing all of your Valve Steam games.  We are also compatible with the SteamOS.

gMTP for managing files on your Barnes and Noble Nook devices, and Amazon Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Fire HDX tablets as well as a plethora of other audio and video players.

Calibre ebook management which allows you to read ebooks in all different formats from proprietary to free formats.  We also include the LRF Viewer to read Sony's ebook format.

These are only some of the application updates that you get with Black Lab Linux 4.2, they are to numerous to go over here.  Overall you get over 200 system and application updates.  With Black Lab Linux 4.2 you aren't just upgrading your operating system, its like you are getting a brand new computer.

For more information take a look at our video on Black Lab Linux 4.2.

Black Lab Linux 4.2 is available today for purchase.  The Free download will be available January 27, 2014.


You can also download Black Lab Linux 4.2, 64 bit only through digital download for $10.00 USD a download link will be e-mailed to you:

Black Lab Linux Digital Download

We also have whats called Starter kits for new users and users who are new to Linux which include, a Black Lab Linux t-shirt, Installable USB or SD card, and a new Install guide that will walk you through every step of installing Black Lab Linux.

Black Lab Linux Starter kit - T-shirt, LiveUSB, Install Guide
Desktop Environment

For user reviews and what people are saying about Black Lab Linux visit this section of our webpage

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