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Friday, November 22, 2013

Status update and week in review

Hey guys

What a week, what a week its been.  So lets start off with Black Lab Linux 4.1.8 has had its first launch and it was pretty successful start.

Look here for the official release statement.

Now as for our de-listing from  Do I care?  No, I don't care I was de-listed.  I went 4 years, 2004 - 2008, without being on Distrowatch and I made a pretty good living from it.  So for those that say Im going into the void now, I am so sorry you are disappointed.  Yep, well not really.  People that want an enterprise capable Linux distribution whether for the desktop or the server don't go to  I do care that they are falsely advertising that our software product has been discontinued and from a Project standpoint that will hinder that a little bit but even if we were to discontinue the Black Lab Linux project itself, there will always be a free version of Black Lab Linux available for download.

So Im happy to say that most of my legal wrangling is out of the way.  Now, some people have asked me to explain what the issue was with the USPTO.  The issue was with the OpenLinux part of it.  Its the same thing that has been dealing us a long delay in acquiring our Linux trademarks for Amiga.  AMIGA Enterprise Linux, AMIGA OpenLinux side of things straight so instead of OpenLinux we decided to go with AMIGA Desktop Linux instead which I dont think anyone should have a problem with.  Certain parties used OpenLinux back in the day and so prior use issues, along with a few others came up, and some opposition.  But we ended up going with a different route.  Now, the AMIGA Desktop Linux and AMIGA Enterprise Linux details will be forthcoming.  We will have those plans laid out before Christmas with or without USPTO clearance.  The waiting game for us, will not continue.  Its safe to note that on the AMIGA side of things, the AMIGA part has not been at the core of any opposition, only the OpenLinux part was what killed us.   Black Lab Linux will not be turned into AMIGA Desktop Linux at all.  Black Lab Linux has its own masters that it serves.

Now, lets talk about that for a second because I know a certain group of people who when you add the two words together it makes them CRINGE.  Now, in the Amigaworld forums, Eldee Stephens, eliyahu, asked a question "Why cant we be left alone to enjoy our hobby in peace?"  and my response is; You are being left alone to enjoy your hobby in peace.  The only reason you dont have "peace" is because you try to interject yourself into business that DOESN'T CONCERN YOU.  There are two sides to the spectrum.  You have your, as Eldee called it in his Amiwest 2013 speech, "The retro computing space" and the mainstream computing space.  Eldee and about 90% of the Amiga community enjoy the retro computing space.  I'm in the mainstream computing space.  So to that effect, Eldee and 90% of the Amiga community are not my market.  They are not my user base and why should I care about what they think.  They will always have their space.  I could really care less who likes who and who likes what.  So yes, I'm going to market products under that brand and if someone doesn't like it tough.  If you have a problem, call your lawyer and I will call mine and we can let them disagree and argue that's what I pay mine for.  I don't worry much about anything.

In the mainstream computing space we will work with our community and the retro community will work with theirs.  Our paths will never cross.  The retro space uses a completely niche architecture that no one else uses.  The retro computing community will continue to hate what I do and I still wont care.  In Black Lab we will continue to ship the classic Amiga emulation layer for those that want it and who like what we do, AMIGA Desktop Linux whatever that turns out to be we will also work with the classic community and bring them mainstream, next generation software and a great platform.

Now, where do we go from here?  We continue to do business as we have been.  We will continue to pump out great products on the commercial side and bring you the best the open community has to offer on the free side of the fence.

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