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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Removal of OS/4 - Black Lab Linux from the Distrowatch Database


It is listed as "discontinued" based on your very own post which clearly stated that

"The OS/4 OpenLinux Project has been terminated, effective immediately."

That was his reasoning for taking it off the ranking.


I think it's a waste of time continuing this discussion. You terminated the OS4 OpenLinux project, but you find it wrong if I say the same on the OS4 OpenLinux page on DistroWatch?

Anyway, please don't worry about DistroWatch. As you've said, there are many other avenues of announcing a distro release, so please use those.



Distrowatch has removed Black Lab Linux from the Distrowatch database.  Why this was done is beyond me. Ladislav Bogdnar has indicated  it was because of the name change. 

So we decided to go more into detail about why this was done. Well, to be honest I couldnt get clearance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for OS/4 because of generics, and prior use and prior art. Even though the companies that used to own the trademarks are no more and havent released a product in ten years and one of them even gave me permission to use it. In lieu of going to court, spending thousands of dollars on lawyers and dealing with the US trademark system I decided to go with a name that I could easily trademark with no opposition. That is why Black Lab Linux was launched. PC/OpenSystems LLC will not change as a company, and the OS/4 branding will continue to be used as a descriptor for prior releases but our new release, Black Lab Linux 4.1.8 is scheduled for release, this Friday Nov 22, 2013. and we will be transitioning the sites and all materials over to Black Lab Linux. This DOES NOT AFFECT support subscriptions. Customers and support contracts will continue to be supported and we will continue to pump out quarterly releases and bringing you guys great products. If you own OS/4 OpenLinux you will not be sued by anyone. We needed a name that we could protect as it stands right now, and it has already happened, others can release products using "OS4" and we couldnt do anything about it, and I cherish the quality of our work and dont want to be tarnished by a "like" product or someone getting upset with us because we dont support the product they downloaded or purchased. I take our reputation extremely seriously and thus protection is necessary.

Now, while not a definitive site for learning about new Linux distributions.  Distrowatch is a nice resource but we will be going out to other forums, and news agencies to announce our new releases.  Softpedia being one resource and a few others.   

If you want to see Black Lab Linux readded to the Distrowatch database, make sure you contact them at and let them know.

But the OS/4 OpenLinux distribution HAS NOT been discontinued but rather renamed Black Lab Linux  and will continue to be updated on a regular basis.  You can join the Facebook page and the twitter page to learn about new releases. 


  1. Yeah Ladislav is a douchebag. He did the same thing to a distro I worked on. He is always looking for reasons to cut distros so dont feel bad. If its not Ubuntu, Linux Mint or OpenSUSE he finds every single excuse to cut you off. Dont think Distrowatch is the only place to get your distro recognized there are others and there are definately more trusted sources than Distrowatch. Keep going Mr. Dohnert you will be fine without them.

  2. Well Distrowatch is off my read list as of right now. I'll send him an e-mail but I doubt he will respond. Dont worry man. You will be OK like the previous poster said.

  3. Thanks guys, really appreciate it but Ladislav has stated to me that the OS/4 page has not been removed but he labeled it as discontinued which in my opinion, is deceptive considering the project is not "discontinued" and we will continue to put up new releases and such.

  4. Re: Update

    Let me guess, followed by a poor excuse, also followed by Good luck with your project. He could rename it and it wouldnt be that hard to do but like I said Classic Ladislav tactics. Craig got the same treatment when we did our distro. Like I said, he tries to keep himself looking impartial, but if you notice the top ones always stay the same because he controls that site and the rankings. Its up to the community to keep you well known and keep doing great work and it will happen. If you manage to get talked about, you will suddenly reappear on there.

  5. Re: Update 2

    I should have made a bet I would have won. Yep classic Ladislav. Does he just copy and paste e-mails? I mean seriously.

  6. Yeah I have heard horror stories regarding Distrowatch and their ranking system. The rumors I have heard about the guy are true it would seem then but hey, he cant read, cant write and his reasoning is weak so people will see it for what it is.

  7. The reply I got from Distrowatch says it all, directly from

    " OS/4 OpenLinux is a dead distribution. I think you will be better off using one of the top ranked distributions in our database.

    We definitely have our reasons for taking OS/4 OpenLinux out of ranking. First of all, he put out way to many updates and in terms of time management it was hard for us to maintain. We here at Distrowatch were never compensated for maintaining his distribution. Had we been financially compensated his ranking would have been more favorable and we would have done advertising for him. But we cant do that for all distributions and that is the reason why his was De-listed and why we wont add him back.

    Thank you, I do BTW recommend Linux Mint."