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Monday, November 11, 2013

PC/OS 4.1.7 released

Ok guys, a few new things coming up.  We are releasing PC/OS 4.1.7.  So what is PC/OS 4.1.7?  Many of our users, customers and hardware customers have said that PC/OS Enterprise Edition is a little bit of an overkill.  They dont need Perl and Ruby, they dont need kernel development tools, they dont need Eclipse, QT Creator, Monodevelop etc.  But they like some of the packages that come with PC/OS, they like the service and support, and they like the overall presentation.  So they want a consumer release.  So effective immediately, we will be offering PC/OS 4.1.7, which is targeted towards the consumer.  It will have a full office suite, it will have the Steam client and it will lack the unnecessary components.  Now unlike Microsoft which offers different versions of its OS, with PC/OS 4.1.7 you can download via synaptic, all developer tools, databases etc.  PC/OS 4.1.7 will NOT be Oracle, WebObjects, WebSphere, JBoss certified at all.  For that support you will have to purchase PC/OS 4.1.7 Enterprise Edition.  The cost of the consumer release will be $50.00 USD and will have 2 years of regular support, 3 years of extended support unlike PC/OS Enterprise Edition which has 5 years of regular support, 5 years of extended support.

PC/OS 4.1.7 will be bundled with all new hardware unless Enterprise edition is requested.

PC/OS 4.1.7

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