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Monday, November 11, 2013

PC/OS 4.1.7 Education Edition released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of PC/OS Education edition.  With this release we bring a ton of new advancements to the PC/OS Education platform, most consist of collaboration  advancements.  Which include a new desktop sketchtop program, Calendar application can now export to .ics format and share over network, better formatting when imported into Apples iCal application and Google Calendar.  Thin client services and the Celestia 2D version which allows fast streaming over a thin client network.  Overall there are 360 application updates and a new kernel which promotes stability and device compatibility for users.

It also includes the new whisker application menu and system wide globalmenu implementation.

XFCE 4.11
Gnome ENCFS manager
Contacts a system wide address book
Google Chrome
Thunderbird with Exchange Support
Pinta 1.4 for Image manipulation
Maya Calendar
Noise Audio Player
Messaging Center
Ardesia desktop sketchpad
Improved WINE stack
Improved Microsoft Kinect support
Improved Wii Remote support

You can purchase PC/OS 4.1.7 Education Edition here:

PC/OS Education

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