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Saturday, November 2, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.6 released

Today we are pleased to announce the new release of OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.6.

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1 64 bit and Classic

With these new releases we bring a few extra new features to OS/4 OpenLinux.  With 14.1 we have brought new enhancements to the kernel and we have updated the package lineup.  We also go back to the lighter radiance themes as the default and we have the ambiance and greybird themes for those that like the darker themes.

XFCE 4.11
Audacious for Audio
VLC for video
Pinta 1.4 for image manipulation
GNOME Office as the default office Suite
Chromium as the default browser
Thunderbird as the default mail client
Dates as the default calendar application
Contact As the system address book
Arandr for multi monitor support

Among these are 150 application and bugfixes and the kernel driver support has been enhanced.

You can download the 32 bit 'classic' release and the 64 bit release from Sourceforge they are located in the 'rel141' folder.

Or you can purchase an installable live USB from here.


PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.6

This release contains bug fixes and application enhancements.  If you purchased PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.5, you can update your systems by typing "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in a terminal window or use the update manager.  But aside from this what else is new in the PC/OS Enterprise Linux distribution.  In PC/OS Enterprise Linux we also integrated the Elementary OS PPA, so any applications you like from elementary OS

Aside from the 63 application updates and several kernel driver updates and fixes it includes:

XFCE 4.11
Gnome ENCFS manager
Contacts a system wide address book
Google Chrome
Thunderbird with Exchange Support
Pinta 1.4 for Image manipulation
Maya Calendar
Messaging Center

Along with these applications we also ship the Prey anti-theft software with each release of PC/OS Enterprise Linux located in the "Extra" folder.

We also revamped our pricing for PC/OS Enterprise Linux Desktop based on our most popular shipments.  For example, we have some customers that order 1 copy or 2 copies so we built in a discount for that.  On the flipside we have some customers that order copies for a small or medium sized workgroups.  We generally dont ship 10 to 50 USB keys, unless requested,  so what you have is a license certificate.  This is for customers who dont order a monthly or annual support subscription.  So here is the pricing list for PC/OS Enterprise Linux.  If you have a questions or requirements that differ from this price list contact

PC/OS Enterprise Linux

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