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Thursday, November 7, 2013

New OS options for hardware and delivery methods for Software

**** From the OpenSystems Marketplace

Today the OpenSystems Marketplace is pleased to announce that we have added some new options for your hardware and new options for software delivery.

As of Friday Nov 8, 2013 all new machines, consumer and commercial can be ordered with the following operating system configurations:

PC/OS Enterprise Linux
PC/OS Enterprise Linux Dual boot with Windows 7
PC/OS Enterprise Linux Dual boot with Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Ubuntu Linux

With these new options brought, forth by customer demand. We want to be able to bring our customers what they want and what they need.  For the first time ever we are offering an alternative Linux based OS, Ubuntu Linux, as an option for our hardware.  We will not be selling Windows or Ubuntu standalone but as an option for hardware only.  The only other OS that we sell standalone is Oracle Solaris.

Software delivery has changed as well.  Customers have asked us for an SD card option, as SD cards on netbooks, our mini PC's  and notebooks are much faster.  So this option will be made available.  USB Flash drive is the default but when you click on the 'medium' option, SD card is available.

We hope you continue to shop with us for all your hardware and software needs.

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