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Saturday, November 30, 2013

New layout for Black Lab Linux Project

Hey guys,

We have listened to you guys.  People have told us to put up a Version Comparison of what is different in Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux.  So we have released a comparison chart on the differences, the kind of support you get etc..  This should allow you guys to make an informed decision on what releases are available.

Now, we did leave out Education.  Why?  Because that is a release thats not a general release, thats a specified release for school systems, teachers, students etc. and is not available for anyone else.  If you need more information on our Education initiative, please visit that web site.

Now, software has been moved to this site.  You can purchase it on the 'Where to buy' page and now we have Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux listed on this site.  This was done to cut down on the number of clicks for users and makes it more accessible to them.

We have also brought 5 systems over that come with Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux.   The systems include:

The Black Lab BriQ this includes the 8 node cluster
The Black Lab PowerStation
The Black Lab ExtremeStation
The POWER10 Server
And the Omega Netbook

They are available on the Preinstalled Hardware page and after January 1, 2014 will only be available for this site.

So with this, what happens to the OpenSystems Marketplace?  Well, it will be used to house non-Black Lab Linux offerings.  This includes our Amiga and AROS offerings, Android offerings, Refurbished hardware, hardware accessories etc.  The Black Lab merchandise will remain on that site throughout the rest of this  holiday season but will be removed after the holiday season.

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