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Sunday, November 3, 2013

New hardware

Hey guys, today we are announcing the release of new consumer hardware and a major addition to commercial hardware.

All of our consumer hardware has taken the form of Mini PC configurations.  The price point on this hardware is perfect for the consumer market and offered at low prices.

We have the A-2000 Mini PC

And the A-3000 Mini PC

To learn more about our consumer hardware offerings please visit the Consumer Hardware Page

Shipping for US customers will be configured upon checkout

We also have a new commercial offering which is targetted towards high end users.  This includes high end graphics customers as well as the animation industry.  SGI Irix customers are having the plug pulled at the end of December and this new commercial offering the A-7000, complements the power and performance that they are used to.

To learn more visit the Commercial Hardware Page

All these systems are powered by the award winning OS/4 OpenLinux powered PC/OS Enterprise Linux

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