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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Linux kernel 3.12 for OS/4 and PC/OS

Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing the Linux kernel 3.12 for OS/4 OpenLinux 13.x/14.x and PC/OS 4.x.  With this kernel release it has many bug fixes and some new drivers.  Some of the improvements are as follows:

  • The Radeon open-source kernel graphics driver has improved Dynamic Power Management, but it won’t be until Linux 3.13 where Radeon DPM is enabled by default along with HDMI audio.
  • A brand new DRM/KMS driver in the form of the Snapdragon MSM driver written by Rob Clark to go along with his reverse-engineered Freedreno driver for Qualcomm Snapdragon/Adreno graphics.
  • Run-time GPU power management so NVIDIA Optimus systems can dynamically power on/off the secondary GPU.
  • Experimental DRM render nodes support done by David Herrmann over the summer.
  • AMD Berlin APU support as the first APU built upon AMD’s Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).
  • The EXT4 file-system now supports aggressive extent caching and better recovery capabilities.
  • Random F2FS, XFS, and Btrfs file-system improvements. This kernel does deliver on disk improvements.
  • zRAM has been promoted out of the staging area of the kernel. ZRAM supports a compressed block device in RAM to avoid paging to disk and is mostly of benefit for systems with limited amounts of system memory.
    • Various staging driver updates and sound driver work and other glorious work.

    This release is available for download from our Sourceforge page in source code format

    We also have our kernel install script updated for 32 bit and 64 bit and can be downloaded from our Sourceforge Page under the folder 'kernel updater'.

    Thanks everyone for all of your support.

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