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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Future of OS/4 and System Imager. PC/OS Education 4.1.7

PC/OS Education 4.1.7 will be released Monday Nov 11.  It has many of the same Application updates as PC/OS Enterprise, it also features the Whisker Menu which is an alternative application menu and appmenu, which houses the application menu on the top panel vs in the individual application.  OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1.1 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.7 will be released December 9, 2013.  Even though incremental, they will have major changes to them which we know you guys will love.  January 15, 2014 we launch the much anticipated PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.2 and PC/OS Education 4.2.  On January 26, 2014 we launch OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1.2.  All will be XFCE based.

People have asked us about PC/OS Enterprise Server.  PC/OS Enterprise Server has a update frequency of every 6 months.  Since servers are not updated all that frequently to major revisions it has a much less frequent update path and is instead a rolling release, meaning all updates are delivered through the update manager.  The next release PC/OS Enterprise Server 5 will be released in February 2014 and the cost will be roughly the same.  In January 2014 we will be releasing the Software Roadmap for 2014.

Now our 2013 roadmap got a little mangled.  This was partly due to funding.  Without cash rolling in to the project as frequently as most others, things get a little less love than what we wanted to do.  Some of it was due to promised hardware not being delivered so thats another reason why ARM was not delivered and that is why OS/4 PPC will be delivered Power Mac only.  We still want to do it but we have to get the hardware first.

Now, System Imager.  System Imager is an application that allows you to make a backup of your running system very much like Norton Ghost or Clonezilla.  It is mostly used for disaster recovery and keeping an active backup.  The status of System Imager is this.  Its still alive and kicking, but once again the thing that keeps us from delivery is lack of developers, lack of testers, and lack of funding.  Without developers and testers progress is going slower, because Canonical changes the hooks in every release.  So working on bugs in OS/4, working on those releases, working  commercial there are only 24 hours in a day.  We have it where you can successfully build 13.04, but we are a release behind because it crashes and burns on 13.10.  On OS/4 its awesome, we have the Webmin module built which ships with PC/OS Enterprise Server, we are adding EFI and secure-boot, we are also adding Blu-Ray support.  But without those three major components; developers, testers, funding we are pretty much stuck.  Now to answer those who say "Well Tony did it"  Yes but that was Tony's full time job. He worked on Remastersys and nothing else.  These aren't excuses, these are the realities of the situation.  We are always LOOKING for people who can take the reigns and make it better and keep up with Ubuntu's rapid schedule.  Until that happens, well you'll have to bear with me.  We are considering to start a Kickstarter project for it, but without developers there is really no need.

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