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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Lab Linux 4.2 and Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.2 Beta program

Hey guys, December 12, 2013 we are going to release a beta of Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.2.  Highlights of this beta are:

Melding both the XFCE and Cinnamon Desktop applications
Kernel 3.5 work for Enterprise
We are working on speed and hardware support, so the more of you that have unusual hardware configurations the better.
The interface will not be changed AT ALL, new icons new wallpapers sure but no new Panel Layouts will be accepted.

Since this is a semi public beta, we dont normally do public at all we have a certain group of beta testers.  But, to qualify you must have donated to the project before Im not saying you have to donate NOW, but have donated at some point in time, you must promise me you wont go out on the internet and complain and moan about something not working.  Remember this is a beta, some things may work well, some things MAY NOT work at all or be kinda flakey, you have to let me know in a timely fashion whats working and whats not.

So just send me an e-mail, and let me know if you want to help us beta test.

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