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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.1.8 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.1.8.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is our business and developer targeted  release.  So what makes Black Lab Enterprise Linux different from our free distribution, Black Lab Linux?

Black Lab Enterprise Linux is certified through Oracle, IBM and other vendors to run:  Oracle Database, IBM Websphere, IBM DB2, Apple WebObject, Red Hat JBoss application server, PostgreSQL and MySQL.  OpenStack can be installed on Black Lab Enterprise Linux as well.

Included in this release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux:

Complete re-branding and artwork change.
Linux Kernel has been updated.
XFCE 4.11
The ElementaryOS PPA has been added to Black Lab Enterprise Linux and provides us with the Maya Calendar and the Noise Audio Player.
Thunderbird 24.1.0 has been updated
Google Chrome 30 has been updated
QT 5.1 has been updated
Eclipse 4.3.1
Eclipse C++ environment
QT Creator
Gambas 3
Due to Customer demand, Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio is now included
Referencer for cataloging and now tagging of documents so they are easier to find.
Global Menus
The XFCE Whisker menu
Ubuntu Software Center has been included
SD Card available as installable media as well as USB Flash Drive

There has been over 200 bug fixes and application fixes.

You can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Linux preinstalled on our consumer and commercial hardware from the OpenSystems Marketplace

Or you can purchase a copy of Black Lab Enterprise Linux for installation on your own desktop or laptop below

Black Lab Enterprise Linux

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