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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Winner of September OS4 Giveaway

Ok guys we had 14 that were entered.   In no particular order, here are the people that donated or purchased OS/4 OpenLinux.

Greg Wirth spots number 1 and 3
Evert Carton Numbers 2 and 4
Chris Rubatan Numbers 5 and 7
Mary Santiago Numbers 6 and 8
Ray Spain Numbers 9 and 11
Richard Si Number 10
Roland Hughes Number 13 and 15
Robert Simons Number 12
George Golden Number 14
Christopher Smith Number 16
Amy Johnson Number 17
Chris Nordan Number 18
Paul Everette Number 19
Scott Borden Number 20

Ok guys, so here is how this works Im going to use a random number generator,
Here we will put the number range in there 1 to 20.  Which ever number it lands on thats our winner.

Good luck.

The number is Number 5

Mr.  Chris Rubatan is our winner of the Tom Tom Start 55 and OS/4 t-shirt

We will use your confimed PayPal account for your shipment.

Congratulations Mr. Rubatan

Tomorrow we will announce the next giveaway prizes for October.

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