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Thursday, October 31, 2013

OS/4 October drawing and Happy Halloween

Alright guys,

Happy Halloween.

The month is over and who won this months giveaway.  Lets see shall we.  First whats on the board.

We have:

A Brand new briQ A500
A 2 TB External Hard drive
A OS/4 Style cap

This month we had more entries and here they are:

Mike Bennett 1 and 3
Ray Spain 2 and 4
Aaron Smith 5 and 7
Evert Carton 6 and 8
Thomas Gower 9 and 11
P Shrinivasan 10 and 12
Charles Kent 13 and 15
Sam Likens 16
Lisa Knievi 17
Lynn Smith  18 and 20
George Holden 19
Robert Walker 21 and 23
Ken Shipman 22 and 24
Claude Pearce 25 and 27
Greg Wirth 28 and 30
Nikki Parrish 29
Bryan L       31
Patrick Roberts 32 and 34

Now lets go to the random number generator:

The winner is #23, Robert Walker.  Congratulations Mr. Walker.  we will ship your prizes to the address that we shipped your USB key.  I want to thank everyone who donated and purchased OS/4

Tomorrow we announce the prizes for the November drawing.

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