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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OpenStack for OS/4 OpenLinux 14.2 and Enterprise Desktop 4.1.6

We are pleased to announce on Oct 31, 2013, PC/OS Enterprise Server 4.1.6 will include the full OpenStack implementation.  OpenStack is becoming a widely used cloud deployment tool whether for private and public clouds.  So what impact does this have on customers?

OpenStack will be fully supported by PC OpenSystems LLC as well as the OpenStack group

OpenStack deployments will be fully serviceable under our subscription services.

Beginning December 1st 2013 we will start offering training classes for OpenStack.

Now, we know some people will want to run OpenStack on OS/4 OpenLinux.  OpenStack will be supported on OS/4 OpenLinux and we will have a section in the support forums for OpenStack.

So what are the advantages of our training vs. Red Hat. Red Hat is just going to offer their training on 1 platform, RHEL. we will be covering installation and maintenance on PC/OS Enterprise Server, OS/4 OpenLinux by extension and OpenSUSE.  We will be more affordable than Red Hat and we will be working with partners in OpenStack on the curriculum.  This insures that customers and users get .the training that customers want, not what we think they want.  More on why we are supporting OpenSUSE later.

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