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Friday, October 4, 2013

Logo's, logo changes and what we plan to stick with

As some of you may have noticed, the logo's have changed a couple of times.  Why did we do that?

First, I wanna clear one fact up again.  We got no cease and desists regarding the checkered sphere logo.  No legal teams called us, no dialog was exchanged with any companies.  We decided to do the responsible thing and checked with our lawyers to check for us and free us from any liability that may arise, Spalding has a lot of lawyers and being an athletic company, we wanted to make sure a checkered sphere was OK.  We didn't want people accusing us of ripping off a soccer ball.  we also wanted to check with the organization that has for the past 75 years used a checkered pattern, NASCAR, only one company there uses a checkered sphere as their logo and upon contact they didn't care.

I was getting ready to swap everything out for the cube but I noticed something, checking out all reviews we have become associated with the checkered sphere logo, and since we are already associated with it, why change it?  We purchased this logo, its been paid for and licensed properly.

So this is it, last change.  No more.  We will concentrate on what we do best and that's bringing you the gold standard for a desktop LINUX system.

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