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Friday, October 11, 2013

Kernel 3.11.4 released

Today we are releasing the updated kernel packages for OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux.  With this kernel release we bring a lot of fixes for the OS/4 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux among those fixes are:

ATI Radeon and Intel 915 video card drivers
Updated wireless drivers
Fix for the WIFI connectivity disconnect that plagued users of the 3.11.2 kernel
USB fix where power management would cause USB disconnects
Nvidia module auto build has been fixed

This package contains the stable kernel build and should be used with planning and pilot testing.  Remastersys will not build a distributed ISO, but you can use System Imager in PC/OS Enterprise Linux to create a ISO

You can download the kernel updater located in the "Kernel Updater" folder on our Sourceforge page

You can download the source code for the 3.11.4 kernel from Sourceforge as well

Users of OS/4 OpenLinux can get support through the OS/4 Official Forums and peer support

For commercial customers please contact us and give us your Support subscription ID number so we can add the 3.11.4 kernel to your support summary.

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