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Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

OS/4 October drawing and Happy Halloween

Alright guys,

Happy Halloween.

The month is over and who won this months giveaway.  Lets see shall we.  First whats on the board.

We have:

A Brand new briQ A500
A 2 TB External Hard drive
A OS/4 Style cap

This month we had more entries and here they are:

Mike Bennett 1 and 3
Ray Spain 2 and 4
Aaron Smith 5 and 7
Evert Carton 6 and 8
Thomas Gower 9 and 11
P Shrinivasan 10 and 12
Charles Kent 13 and 15
Sam Likens 16
Lisa Knievi 17
Lynn Smith  18 and 20
George Holden 19
Robert Walker 21 and 23
Ken Shipman 22 and 24
Claude Pearce 25 and 27
Greg Wirth 28 and 30
Nikki Parrish 29
Bryan L       31
Patrick Roberts 32 and 34

Now lets go to the random number generator:

The winner is #23, Robert Walker.  Congratulations Mr. Walker.  we will ship your prizes to the address that we shipped your USB key.  I want to thank everyone who donated and purchased OS/4

Tomorrow we announce the prizes for the November drawing.

OS/4 OpenLinux Podcast

Hey guys,

Today we have released our October podcast.  So enjoy it, let me know what you think and give us feedback.

In this podcast we cover whats new with the OS/4 OpenLinux Project and our review of Amiwest 2013.

October 2013 Podcast MP3

See you guys for the November podcast

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October drawings extended

We decided to extend the drawings for the OS/4 monthly giveaway until tomorrow night at 9 pm.  So get into it today guys, we have a free PC, the new A500, a 2 TB external hard drive and an OS/4 cap.  Remember $10.00 USD enters you once, $20.00 USD or more enters you twice.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The BriQ A500 announced

From the PC OpenSystems LLC website:

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the OpenSystem BriQ A500.

This machine comes to us after a long wait and a search high and low for a technology partner who could help us bring the very best technology to our users.  With the success of the original BriQ the new system comes with the following:

Processor:  Intel Celeron 847 Dual Core 64 bit 1.10 ghz

RAM:         2gb expandable to 4 gb

Hard Drive: 320gb expandable to 1 TB

Networking:  Built in Gigabit Ethernet, Built in 802.11 B/G/N wireless connectivity

Display Adaptor:  HDMI, VGA

Connectivity:  USB 3.0 front USB 2.0 Rear

Graphics Chip:  Intel HD Graphics

This machine will be available Monday, Oct 28, 2013.

Roberto J Dohnert, our lead consultant and system designer contributed these remarks when asked,
 "With the BriQ A500, we have an ultra small, ultra light form factor system.  With Dimensions that make this smaller than the Mac Mini and a host of modern PC features not found in other "mini" form factors.  This system is a must have for productivity, entertainment and general consumer use."

Mr. Dohnert continues,

"With the original BriQ being our most successful PC model that we sell, its always a sell out, we expect the BriQ A500 to continue that tradition.  When we announced this to our partners and select customers the response was always the same.  How much?  Well, we are delivering the BriQ A500, with more advanced features; smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful for the same price that we offered the original BriQ.  $500.00 USD.  Getting closer to the holiday season we also plan to offer addons and different hardware configurations.  Also, given the generosity of ASUS, who is sending us three of these systems we decided to expand our giveaway.   With 5 days left for our October, OS/4 Giveaway we are adding one of the BriQ A500's to that giveaway.  So everyone that has bought OS/4 or donated to the OS/4 OpenLinux Project with their name in the drawing has a chance to win a brand new BriQ A500.  Anyone who donates or purchases OS/4 within the next 5 days, also has the same chance to win a brand new PC.  I think we are probably the only Linux distributor who has EVER done that.  You get a 2 TB external hard drive, an OS/4 cap and a BriQ A500 close to a thousand dollar value.  The second BriQ A500 will be our giveaway for November.  So if you dont win it in October you can win it in November."

It will be a very merry Christmas for someone.

Once again, the BriQ A500 will start shipping Monday, October 28 2013.

For availability and purchase visit the OpenSystems Marketplace

Thank you to our users and customers for allowing us to serve you.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.6 presale

Hey guys,

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1 comes out on Oct 31, 2013 along with PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.6.  So we have decided to do a presale of these releases.  People who purchase under presale will be the very first to have their items shipped on the 28 vs the 31 and so if you live in the continental US, you will get yours before the release on the site.

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.1 under presale is $20.00 USD

PC/OS Enterprise Linux desktop will be $65.00 USD under presale

So get yours today and thank you for the support.

OS/4 Openlinux 14.1 PC/OS Desktop 4.1.6

Thursday, October 17, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.0.3 released

This is the third minor release to the OS/4 OpenLinux 14.0.3 distribution.  This release includes some bug fixes to the 14.0.2 release.  It also includes the rest of the visual bug fixes.

You can download the release from here in the rel1403 folder

Friday, October 11, 2013

Kernel 3.11.4 released

Today we are releasing the updated kernel packages for OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux.  With this kernel release we bring a lot of fixes for the OS/4 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux among those fixes are:

ATI Radeon and Intel 915 video card drivers
Updated wireless drivers
Fix for the WIFI connectivity disconnect that plagued users of the 3.11.2 kernel
USB fix where power management would cause USB disconnects
Nvidia module auto build has been fixed

This package contains the stable kernel build and should be used with planning and pilot testing.  Remastersys will not build a distributed ISO, but you can use System Imager in PC/OS Enterprise Linux to create a ISO

You can download the kernel updater located in the "Kernel Updater" folder on our Sourceforge page

You can download the source code for the 3.11.4 kernel from Sourceforge as well

Users of OS/4 OpenLinux can get support through the OS/4 Official Forums and peer support

For commercial customers please contact us and give us your Support subscription ID number so we can add the 3.11.4 kernel to your support summary.

October birthday shout outs

We would like to wish a happy birthday to the following people:

Mrs. Adrienne Parson, COO, Oct 14
Mr. Sean Johnson, Hardware Purchaser, Oct 16
Mr. Sebastion Wells, Developer, Oct 14

Thank you guys for everything that you do for the OS/4 OpenLinux Project.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coming Soon

Coming soon from PC OpenSystems LLC (You can run OS/4 OpenLinux on this too)

16 gb of RAM
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2620 v2 (Six Core HT, 2.1GHz Turbo, 15 MB)
1 TB Hard Drive
3 gb NVIDIA Quadro K4000

The most advanced Enterprise class operating system on the planet.

All of these features make up the most powerful workstation class device that we have ever offered.

Halloween wallpaper submissions

So far we have only received 2.  So here is the first one.

Here is the second one.

So there we go.   You guys can download them and really use them on any OS.  So enjoy.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Logo's, logo changes and what we plan to stick with

As some of you may have noticed, the logo's have changed a couple of times.  Why did we do that?

First, I wanna clear one fact up again.  We got no cease and desists regarding the checkered sphere logo.  No legal teams called us, no dialog was exchanged with any companies.  We decided to do the responsible thing and checked with our lawyers to check for us and free us from any liability that may arise, Spalding has a lot of lawyers and being an athletic company, we wanted to make sure a checkered sphere was OK.  We didn't want people accusing us of ripping off a soccer ball.  we also wanted to check with the organization that has for the past 75 years used a checkered pattern, NASCAR, only one company there uses a checkered sphere as their logo and upon contact they didn't care.

I was getting ready to swap everything out for the cube but I noticed something, checking out all reviews we have become associated with the checkered sphere logo, and since we are already associated with it, why change it?  We purchased this logo, its been paid for and licensed properly.

So this is it, last change.  No more.  We will concentrate on what we do best and that's bringing you the gold standard for a desktop LINUX system.

OS/4 OpenLinux Project October Giveaway

Today we are announcing our October giveaway, this will go on until Oct 31, 2013.  We will announce our winner for the Oct giveaway at the same time that we release 14.1.

So what are we giving away this month, we have a BRAND NEW 2tb external hard drive

and an OS/4 style ball cap

Same rules as last month.  Donate $10.00 you are entered once, Donate $20.00 or purchase of an install key you are entered twice.  Get in the drawing today.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Winner of September OS4 Giveaway

Ok guys we had 14 that were entered.   In no particular order, here are the people that donated or purchased OS/4 OpenLinux.

Greg Wirth spots number 1 and 3
Evert Carton Numbers 2 and 4
Chris Rubatan Numbers 5 and 7
Mary Santiago Numbers 6 and 8
Ray Spain Numbers 9 and 11
Richard Si Number 10
Roland Hughes Number 13 and 15
Robert Simons Number 12
George Golden Number 14
Christopher Smith Number 16
Amy Johnson Number 17
Chris Nordan Number 18
Paul Everette Number 19
Scott Borden Number 20

Ok guys, so here is how this works Im going to use a random number generator,
Here we will put the number range in there 1 to 20.  Which ever number it lands on thats our winner.

Good luck.

The number is Number 5

Mr.  Chris Rubatan is our winner of the Tom Tom Start 55 and OS/4 t-shirt

We will use your confimed PayPal account for your shipment.

Congratulations Mr. Rubatan

Tomorrow we will announce the next giveaway prizes for October.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Last Day for the OS/4 OpenLinux Project giveaway

Today is the last day to get into the OS/4 OpenLinux Project giveaway, remember $10.00 donation you get entered once, $20.00 donation or a purchase of OS/4 OpenLinux on an installable USB key you get entered twice.  Dont miss out, remember we have a brand new Tom Tom Start 55 GPS and an OS/4 tee shirt.

Drawing will be held on Oct 4, 2013

OpenStack for OS/4 OpenLinux 14.2 and Enterprise Desktop 4.1.6

We are pleased to announce on Oct 31, 2013, PC/OS Enterprise Server 4.1.6 will include the full OpenStack implementation.  OpenStack is becoming a widely used cloud deployment tool whether for private and public clouds.  So what impact does this have on customers?

OpenStack will be fully supported by PC OpenSystems LLC as well as the OpenStack group

OpenStack deployments will be fully serviceable under our subscription services.

Beginning December 1st 2013 we will start offering training classes for OpenStack.

Now, we know some people will want to run OpenStack on OS/4 OpenLinux.  OpenStack will be supported on OS/4 OpenLinux and we will have a section in the support forums for OpenStack.

So what are the advantages of our training vs. Red Hat. Red Hat is just going to offer their training on 1 platform, RHEL. we will be covering installation and maintenance on PC/OS Enterprise Server, OS/4 OpenLinux by extension and OpenSUSE.  We will be more affordable than Red Hat and we will be working with partners in OpenStack on the curriculum.  This insures that customers and users get .the training that customers want, not what we think they want.  More on why we are supporting OpenSUSE later.