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Thursday, September 12, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 14 and PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.1.5 released

UPDATE:  Do not use the download link on Distrowatch.  We have updated the OS/4 14 ISO to OS/4 14.0.2 which fixes a few critical bugs, you can download that from the rel1402 folder on the download site


Today we are announcing the new release of OS/4 OpenLinux 14.  With this release we bring many new enhancements to the OS/4 line.  OS/4 OpenLinux 14 is the result of a years worth of beta testing, kernel enhancements and has easily outnumbered the teams current record of 57 beta builds with 135 beta builds that we delivered to our beta testers.  The results have been astounding.

One of the things we try to improve on with our releases is the user experience.  We want to deliver a system that is beautiful, intuitive and that is easy to use for our users so with that we made some improvements to the iconset, we went with the radiance themes and ambiance themes for XFCE and we also introduced a bunch of new backgrounds so users can beautify their desktops any way they see fit.  We also went from a two panel layout to the one panel layout that Linux users have become accustomed to.  So you have a clearly distinguishable Menu icon, taskbar and indicator icons all along the bottom one panel.  This is what users seem to want and thats what we are delivering on our consumer desktop releases.  This also includes PC/OS Enterprise Desktop 4.1.5.

The package lineup in OS/4 OpenLinux is as follows:

kernel 3.5 +
Chromium Browser
Gimp 2.8
Claws Mail
Dates - a calendering app to store all your important events
Contacts - for storing your contacts
Maps has been enhanced with Google Maps
The Message Center so you can send SMS straight from your desktop
Parole, a video player
VLC a media center application
Pidgin for IM
Abiword and Gnumeric for word processing and spreadsheet
Software Center - We use the Lubuntu Software Center for right now, we are still researching a good market place to include in OS/4 OpenLinux with this you still get access to all the free apps just not to the paid applications...yet
Steam for gaming

OS/4 OpenLinux 14 is available in 32 and 64 bit releases

OS/4 OpenLinux 14 is available from our download servers here

Or if you want to purchase a bootable USB key to help support the project you can purchase that on the Where to Buy page

PC/OS Enterprise Linux Services

The commercial counterpart to OS/4 OpenLinux has been updated as well with a wide range of enhancements and improvements.

Along with the visual changes the following has also been updated in PC/OS Enterprise Linux Services.

Updated kernel, this has increased driver support as well as many bug fixes
Google Chrome as the default browser
Updated webmin
Integrated Oracle Virtualbox drivers so you can run PC/OS Enterprise Linux under VirtualBox as a guest from first install
Evolution with Exchange support
GNUStep, Eclipse, Mono, QT, Gambas3 development IDE's preinstalled
System Imager 1.2
APTonCD so you can make a local installation for your preinstalled apps
Access controls so you can control system access times
Caffeine to disable the screensaver and keep your system from going into hibernate or standby
Likewise Active Directory integration
Skype as the default IM application

Support for Oracle Weblogic 12g as well as support for H&R Block web based tax applications.

PC/OS Enterprise Linux is available for x86_64 bit machines ONLY

Current users of PC/OS Enterprise Linux Desktop and Server can update their systems from the Synaptic package manager

For more information regarding PC/OS Enterprise Linux Services please visit the Product Page

To purchase PC/OS Enterprise Linux please visit the OpenSystems Marketplace

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