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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oracle 11g easy install coming to OS/4 14.1

Many of the users of OS/4 OpenLinux run Oracle Databases. While PC/OS Enterprise is certified to run Oracle 11g, OS/4 is not. Well because of customer demand and the fact we want to make it as simple as possible, starting with OS/4 14.1, we will be applying the same mechanisms to OS/4 OpenLinux that we do with PC/OS Enterprise to run Oracle 11g. Now, there are a couple of caveats to this.

1. It will be unsupported, subscription support will not be available. If you want a supported option you can purchase PC/OS Enterprise Linux from the OpenSystems marketplace. You have full forum support with OS/4 OpenLinux and thats it.

2. Its 64 bit only. The Classic 32 bit environment will not be modified to run Oracle 11g

3. We will not sell Oracle Database Software with OS/4 OpenLinux as we do with PC/OS Enterprise Linux Server.

4. You take full responsibility for your system.  If you blow up your system or trash it to the point of restoration you agree to hold OS/4 OpenLinux Project, PC OpenSystems, and especially Roberto J. Dohnert BLAMELESS for any data loss, hardware failure etc.

So for users who want to run Oracle 11g, and who want to use it for personal or small business, this is a great option. We are currently undergoing certification for Oracle 12c Database certification and while the process is underway we feel that product will do nicely. PC/OS Enterprise Linux already passes the 11g certification 100%, and might I add that we are the ONLY Debian based distribution to hold that certification as well as the ONLY Debian based distribution to hold Apple WebObjects certification.

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