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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Linux Kernel 3.11.2 for OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux

Today we are releasing the Linux kernel 3.11.2 for OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux.  With this update we bring new functionality and driver support for PC/OS Enterprise Linux and OS/4 OpenLinux.  Some of these new features are as follows:

  • The DRM driver changes dominate the Linux 3.11 kernel! The big feature is Radeon dynamic power management support has finally come to AMD’s open-source driver along with early support for the Radeon HD 8000 “Sea Islands” GPUs. Phoronix tests have shown Radeon DPM is successful at improving power use and lowering temperatures while delivering great performance.
  • There’s a new DRM display driver for the Renesas R-Car SoC.
  • Intel Haswell improvements and Valley View / Bay Trail support is now ready for Linux desktop usage.
  • H.264 / MPEG-2 video decoding for Nouveau with select NVIDIA GPUs bearing the VP2 engine as part of the PureVideo HD support. This is exposed in Gallium3D via the VDPAU state tracker. There’s also early GK110 GPU support. The NVIDIA GK110 is the firm’s latest high-end Kepler GPU.
Disk / File-System:
  • LZ4 compression support.
  • Zswap was merged for compressed swap caching.
  • Various XFS file-system improvements.
  • Performance tuning for Btrfs.
  • F2FS file-system updates.
  • EXT4 file-system updates.
  • The Lustre file-system client was merged for the first time.
  • AVX2 Crypto optimizations.
  • PowerPC improvements from IBM.
  • Continued ARM improvements.
  • Xen and KVM virtualization now work for 64-bit ARM.
General Hardware & Miscellaneous Improvements:
  • Input device improvements.
  • Lots of audio / sound improvements.
  • With Linux 3.11, Wine can now handle Windows RT applications.
As always this is an experimental service it is meant for users who want to try the latest kernels and should not be used in a production environment without full testing and planning.  Kernel 3.11.2 is supported through a support subscription only.

As always the source code is available from our download servers ( Download Here)

The install script is located in the kernel_updater folder on our download server as well

This has been tested on PC/OS Enterprise Linux 4.x and OS/4 OpenLinux 13.x/14.x

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