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Saturday, September 28, 2013

AROS Subsystem 2.0 RELEASED

Today we are announcing the release of the AROS Subsystem 2.0 for OS/4 and PC/OS Enterprise Desktop.  While we discontinued AROS as a commercial product we are continuing our AROS work on a true open source platform.  So we will be delivering the AROS subsystem for free, as a download from the OS/4 website.

Built on the latest Nightly snapshot, the AROS Subsystem includes tools like

OWB for web browsing
Full MP3 and Audio playback
Directory Opus
Full development environment for compiling AROS apps and working on the AROS source code
An FTP client
E-UAE for running classic AmigaOS 68k games

Plus many many more kernel and core enhancements from our first release.

To download the AROS Subsystem for OS/4 you can download it from the download page

For more information visit the AROS home page


This package has been tested on:

OS/4 12.x/13.x/14.x

Linux Mint 15

Ubuntu 13.04

The AROS Subsystem for OS/4 is available on our new and refurbished hardware upon request.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you jesus. After i saw the discontinued product list I was scared for a minute. I like your AROS package because its the only time I have ever been able to get AROS to run hosted on any linux system.