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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Upcoming changes in OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.4 and 4.2

We have a few changes coming in OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.2 that we have decided to communicate to the community.  

In 4.2 we are including a full suite of SPL tools, SPL stands for Solaris Porting Layer tools.  A tool is used in ZFS for Linux that allows you to use Solaris modules in Linux.  we have expanded that so you will be aple to run Solaris binaries under OS/4 Enterprise Linux.  These binaries will require little to no modification of code in order to run.  As we get closer to launch in December we hope to have a list of compatible applications so its not so hit and miss.  The SPL DKMS will be included for drivers and and kernel modules.  Now we are not cutting support for Solaris.  it will still be available from PC OpenSystems Marketplace and can still be installed on Servers and Workstations.

KDE replaces XFCE in OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.4.  KDE is used to replace XFCE on OS/4 Enterprise Linux so much we are going to make it easier for users and just use KDE as the default.  We will use the expertise we have achieved in KDE to make OS/4 Enterprise Linux sing.  KDE is by far the most popular desktop in Enterprise setups and its what customers want to see as the default.

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