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Monday, August 5, 2013

Status updates of OS/4 13.6 and OS/4 13.7

OS/4 13.6 has been really popular.  The asthetic changes we have made are being well accepted.  The Amiga emulation packages also have been very well accepted and are pretty popular amongst the crowd.  So 13.6 has been a success so thanks guys.

We got a huge outcry regarding statements I recently made on that last Q&A on two things.  First, about KDE.  Now, KDE has always been the #2 desktop preference of our users.  Many of our clients run KDE, its the #1 most requested feature in our custom configurations and it is our default desktop for OS/4 Enterprise Linux.  Needless to say, we are a KDE friendly company.  I like it and its actually my desktop of choice.  With every build we learn a little more about KDE and enhancing KDE and speeding it up, and making it just as fast as our GTK based Workspace Manager.  So we are not dropping KDE and you will find that its going to be a major focus going forward as KDE is the most popular desktop in the commercial and enterprise world.  So our users have said they want an updated KDE release and since 13.7 will not be a huge update 13.7 will feature ONLY the KDE desktop.  Thats coming in a few weeks so we hope you guys enjoy that.   Do test it, tell us what you think.

Now, a few comments that I have gotten have been about why did I post the "80's want their OS back" question and was that a jab or in bad taste?  No.  The question was asked legitimately by a user and was not edited.  We often times get questions that are critical of me and my group and I print and answer them.  So it wasnt a jab at anyone and I dont think it was in bad taste.

Now onto the obscure market comment I made.  Well, it is.  The Amiga market is not a huge market and we saw an oppurtunity to contribute to that market.  Simple.  When we have an announcement to make that pertains to the Amiga community, we will make it otherwise our focus is on making the best Linux based system on the market and I think we are doing a pretty good job.

Thanks guys (and girls) we appreciate you.

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