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Thursday, August 22, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux and the new Enterprise offerings

Ok, we have decided to split OS/4 up into two camps.  Why?  Well some people have told us that its confusing to them, OS/4 is freely available but yet its not when it comes to the enterprise release and which one are they getting when they download so we decided to address these issues.

OS/4 OpenLinux will be freely available for usage, you guys can download it, use it and its our offering to the Linux community.  we dropped the price of this release from $60.00 USD to $20.00 USD.  A couple of caveats though, OS/4 is ineligable for support subscriptions, its ineligible for  default preinstallation on new hardware.  We will still use OS/4 OpenLinux for deployment on the refurbished systems.  Otherwise than that, OS/4 will no longer be used or promoted commercially to make sure users understand that what they are getting is our community driven linux based OS.  The success of OS/4 will ultimately rest on the heads of the community.

Now, where does that leave PC OpenSystems commercially.  We have made huge investments in commercial offerings, some have paid off some, have not.  Well an old friend has returned to help PC OpenSystems commercially.  This friend is what helped to drive us commercially back in 2008 and was a huge success.  This old friend was a precursor to Linux Mint, it was the precursor to many of the current Linux distributions that have surfaced.  That old friend is the PC/OS line.  PC/OS will be our commercial offering to the world of the enterprise and commercial linux market.  PC/OS is returning in two flavors

PC/OS Workstation will be our preinstalled on all new hardware.  It is our commercial desktop system.  It will have all productivity, development and will be customizable for multimedia creation as well home/office, education etc.  it also shares all certifications with the OS/4 Enterprise Line.  Its certified for Oracle 11g, MySQL, JBoss, IBM DB2, Apple Webobjects and IBM Websphere.  We are also working on certification.

PC/OS Enterprise Server is our offering for server class systems as well as our high performance workstation offering.  This comes with ALL certifications  listed above and comes with server based and clustering components.

PC/OS Workstation while preinstalled on all new hardware will also be available standalone for $60.00 USD and will be available with all subscription based support contracts.  PC/OS Enterprise Server will be available standalone for $200.00 USD

So as we transition all of our enterprise offerings to the PC/OS systems, feel free to order as you will.  PC/OS will use the same codebase as OS/4 OpenLinux and we will post here as well as the new PC/OS website all new developments.

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