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Sunday, August 18, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 and OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.4 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 and OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.4.  With this release we complete our transition to KDE from XFCE on the OS/4 Enterprise Linux release.  Customers have asked for it and so we are providing it.  OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 is our updated KDE release that we provide for users.

When we started down the KDE path for OS/4. I had a couple of requests.  First, it had to be fast.  It had to be responsive and we had to extensively test the KDE applications so that we had the best of breed applications included and swapped out the KDE apps for the functional GTK apps.  And what we came out with has been awesome.  The beta testers like it and even our hardcore XFCE users love this release.  This release had been in planning and testing for a couple of months and now its ready for primetime.

With OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 we have created a best of breed KDE desktop based system and the fastest KDE live image available.  With that we also updated the OS/4 OpenLinux core system with all applicable kernel bugfixes and updated kernel with new drivers and speed improvements.  The new OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 on the KDE install itself has the following applications.

KDE 4.11
Kopete for instant messaging
Thunderbird + Lightning Extension for e-mail and calendaring
LibreOffice for Microsoft document format translations and productivity
QTransmission Bittorent client
Chromium Web Browser for browsing the web
Krita for image manipulation
Digikam for photo management
Synaptic and Gdebi for package management
Google Maps integration so users can directly use Google Maps
Google Voice integration so users can send SMS and make phone calls directly from their desktop
Dragon Player for viewing videos, DVD and Blue-ray
Amarok for listening to audio files and purchasing songs from a variety of Music stores.
FS-UAE for users who want to run their classic AmigaOS 3.x applications and environments
All multimedia codecs including but not limited to: MP3, Windows Media, Quicktime, Flash, Java, HTML 5.

And many more KDE based favorites and you can download more applications from the repositories.

You can download the 32 bit and 64 bit releases of OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 KDE from the Sourceforge page.

Sourceforge Download Site

You can also purchase a copy from the OpenSystems Marketplace or below for install media. Currently bootable USB key or SD Card or you can order it on DVD per request


Shipping in the US is free on installable media, international orders contact our sales department here for shipping quotes.

Known issues:

No desktop effects.  This is intentional for users who have systems without 3D video cards or lower end systems so they have to be enabled through System Settings --> Desktop Effects

Kubuntu Installer - This release uses the Kubuntu installer for installation to hard drives.  In OS/4 14.5 we are releasing Anaconda, the Red Hat installer, which will have tremendous advantages to it including automatic partitioning for Apple MacBooks and a smaller memory foot print than ubiquity.

Cant install on non-PAE hardware - You can download the XFCE release of OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 for non-PAE support.

OS/4 Enterprise Server and OS/4 Enterprise Desktop 4.1.4

OS/4 Enterprise Linux has undergone some major changes here.  The OS/4 Enterprise line is split into two groups, Enterprise Server and OS/4 Enterprise Desktop.  OS/4 Enterprise Linux will be KDE based for the rest of its lifecycle.  We did this due to customer demand.  On our custom image creation, KDE was the #1 request from customers and talking with our clients KDE was the desktop they used the most.  XFCE is still available via the custom image service.  The DWM tiling window manager is still installed via default.  OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.4 will carry us into the OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.2 release.  So whats new in this release.

KDE 4.11
Chromium Web Browser
QT Creator and KDevelop
Gambas 3
PostgreSQL 9.2
Certified for Oracle 11g, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Apple WebObjects
Apples Calendar Server
OpenJDK and JRE 
Webmin 1.650
SPL, Solaris Porting layer DKMS so you can run Solaris kernel modules in OS/4 Enterprise Linux
Oracle KSplice Uptrack Rebootless updater

OS/4 Enterprise Server does not contain desktop applications such as productivity suites, instant messaging or multimedia applications those can be downloaded and installed easily with Synaptic Package Manager.  OS/4 Enterprise Desktop does contain desktop applications such as productivity suites, instant messaging and multimedia applications Also with the custom image creation we can install any desktop apps for you.

OS/4 Enterprise Linux is available through the OpenSystems Marketplace and we have included a purchase button below for convenience.

OS4 Enterprise
We also offer OS/4 Enterprise Linux free on new systems and refurbished systems upon request. Shipping in the US is free on installable media, international orders contact our sales department here for shipping quotes.

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