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Monday, August 26, 2013

OS/4 14 Update

OS/4 14 is about to go from the Beta servers to the build servers.  We expect that to happen within the next two weeks.  So what has been taking alot of our time?  We backported a major portion of the driver code from 3.10 kernel back to the 3.5 and 3.8 kernels.  It hasnt been a small undertaking either.  Alot of work has been done and its been crazy.  So what kernel will we be shipping with?  Hopefully the 3.8 stable kernel.  Thats the star we are shooting for.  Now, that will be determined within the next 2 weeks.  Pray for us.

We will have the 3.10 kernel for you guys later on today and thats strictly for testing and for people who want the bleeding edge kernel release.  Its unsupported on OS/4 and eligible for subscription service support with PC/OS

So we jumped the gun.  I thought that since KDE was the most requested feature on the custom configuration list that that meant the customers wanted KDE over XFCE.  Well I assumed wrong.  There has been such a outcry over that that we decided to leave well enough alone and continue with XFCE as the default desktop until LXDE-qt is released.  Sorry guys, I know.  I jumped the gun and totally my fault.  The commercial offerings along with the free distribution will continue to showcase the XFCE desktop.

Now, the 3.2 kernel has worked well for users and they have expressed to us how well that works.  So the 3.2 kernel will continue to be updated and rolled into the distribution for users who want the 3.2 kernels and when we push the kernel updates out it will be updated as well.

So we are still shooting for stable and great and have that bleeding edge feel for users who want to tinker around with it.

Graphics wise, in the OS/4 distro we will also use the same icon set that we use in PC/OS.  The menu icons will remain the same though

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