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Monday, August 26, 2013

Kernel 3.10 available for OS/4 OpenLinux and PC/OS Enterprise Linux Services

Today we are releasing the updater for the 3.10 kernel.  This kernel package has many updates and driver enhancements which include:

- The BCache SSD/HDD caching framework has been merged. For those with systems boasting a mix of solid-state drives and traditional hard drives, BCache allows for SSDs to act as a cache to larger but slower traditional HDDs.

- Power management improvements  Reducing the Linux kernel's power consumption and making it more competitive to Windows and OS X. With the Linux 3.10 kernel is a new AMD frequency-sensitivity power-save bias that should work well on AMD CPUs.

- the Linux kernel now has full dynticks support.

- Various DRM driver changes, and the biggest improvement in the Linux graphics driver world with the Linux 3.10 kernel is UVD video decoding support finally being present. The Linux 3.10 kernel is needed in conjunction with an updated Mesa/Gallium3D stack for taking advantage of hardware-based video playback exposed over VDPAU with Gallium3D.

- Better Intel Haswell Linux support and performance for the brand new CPUs.

- File-system improvements including skinny extents for Btrfs, F2FS changes, and extra XFS protection.

And there are many more improvements

To download go the the Sourceforge page and grab it

To install extract the file

go to the folder

right click "Open Terminal here"

type 'chmod a+x kernel-3.20'

** Graphic derived from A-EON Technologies.

Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Shouldn't it be:
    type 'chmod a+x kernel-3.10' ?