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Friday, July 5, 2013

Update on our Debian transition and 32 bit

Several people have asked me where we stand on our Debian transition from the OS4 OpenLinux standpoint.  Progress is ongoing and its coming along.  We have the base system built and its in the hands of SOME testers.  Now why do we say SOME testers?  Because, its not ready yet for public consumption.  Many of the Ubuntu specific tools have not been ported yet and its basically coming together.  14 is our next major milestone and 14 will be a long winded release because we know that when we release 15, our full Debian transition, not everything will work right and there will be bugs that need to be ironed out and fixed.  Because our target customer and user is the SOHO, Education and Enterprise customer we want to make the transition as easy as possible, so we are going to support 14 for a year during the transition to our pure Debian base and we want to be able that we support Debian and Ubuntu applications.

We have 3 groups working on three different things.  The 13 series, 14 and 15.  As soon as we have a beta ready you guys will get access as always.

Now, 32 bit support.  Its been a long transition to 64 bit from 32 bit and we still have users that use 32 bit systems.  So for 14 we will be doing a 32 bit build.  I committed to as much a few months ago.  32 bit in 15?  Now thats something we will evaluate as it comes along.  No promises.

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