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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux Project and PC OpenSystems LLC teaming up for a greener planet

We are announcing that we are teaming up with one of our sponsors,
PC OpenSystems LLC  as a part of their green initiative, They are making available immediately refurbished systems.  These systems are typically off lease and are sold to them by their clients and tested thoroughly with the same quality assurance tests they perform on their new hardware.  Machines that do not meet that quality assurance are scrapped and recycled and those that do pass are available for sale through the OpenSystems MarketPlace at a reduced price typically for less than $300.00.  They are also eligible for financing through PayPal.   These are great systems for an introduction to our open source Linux distribution, OS/4 OpenLinux.  They are also fantastic machines for surfing the internet, productivity and office tasks  and even for a first PC for college dorms.

$10.00 from each sale will be donated to the Global Green Grants Fund

So dont wait around on eBay and perhaps spend more than you want on refurbished PC's give back to the community and make good use of systems that are still 100% functional.

Refurbished PC's on the OpenSystems MarketPlace

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