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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 - Further Changes and commentary

As we draw closer to the release of OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6, we have made a few other changes to the base distribution.

We have backported the new disk utility from OS/4 Enterprise Linux over to OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6.  One of the biggest feature requests that we have had, basically because System Imager 1.0 is included, so we are bringing that over for users.

We had a request from a user for DivX Converter to be added to the repositories, but we looked at it, its a small tool.  We talked to our beta testers who work with multimedia and come to find out that user was not alone.  A lot of them use it.  So since its small we are going to add it to the base system.  As we target our distro to the creative types, we strive to make each of them happy.

Now, hosted AROS.  We have decided how we are going to ship it.  Its going to come archived.  So users who want it, unzip the file, run AROSBootstrap and it runs and it runs well.  Users who dont want it, erase it.  As we said before, we know since this is the first time delivering this technology that it wont be perfect.  Im not expecting it to be perfect, but as we get better so will the technology delivery.  Give us feedback and we will keep working on it.

Now, since our shipping hardware will ship with Oracle VirtualBox, and we have made AROS an option, there is another community who can find this type of delivery useful.  The Android community.  So we have targeted Android, the most recent version of Android and it will, upon request, be available for users on new systems.  This way mobile developers will be able to run it and test their software and have their desktop OS at the same time.  Because of the small foot print of Android and AROS, we can ship these on the refurbished system but mileage will vary.  These are an option for desktops only.  Servers wont have VirtualBox images shipped with it.

Now, I have constantly been asked who is this for?  Why are we doing AROS, why are we doing the Amiga stuff and who is it for.

Its for Linux users.  OS/4 has been and always will be for the Linux community.  We are building in these technlogies, FS-UAE, and AROS hosted for users who may want to run classic Amiga applications.  They can run Amiga Forever or get a copy of Amiga OS 3.9 that they own and run it.  OS/4 is not trying to bring back the Amiga.  The Amigas days are done, they are long past and its not coming back.  It gives some people a feeling of nostalgia, it is a hobby OS and it needs to be treated as such.  Now, OS/4 OpenLinux we like to tinker, we believe in hobbies and writing software for a hobby platform is fun, and we are giving users the technology to do just that.  AROS, is a good piece of technology, will it take off?  Thats up to the AROS community and developers, the most we can do is provide users with the tools to target that platform.  The AmigaOS targets a hardware architecture thats very obscure, most PowerPC shipments are servers or high end workstations, and the AmigaOS is not either a server platform and is not a high-end workstation OS.   No offense to Amiga users, its a fun toy, but not a platform anyone will take seriously anymore.  MorphOS on the other hand is a great platform, very advanced and light years ahead of AmigaOS.  Thats my personal favorite.  If you have an old Mac, get it.  Our "Amiga strategy" is to give users a modern Linux based OS, with tools that they can use to continue to indulge their favorite hobby.  Whether they take us up on the offer, thats up to them.  I wont lose any sleep over it, and I will do as I always have done.  Target my distribution at people that want it and that buy it.  Our OS/4 strategy is that we are for the users, always have been and always will be, and if we see a section of the computer market where we feel we can contribute positively, we always will.

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