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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of the most advanced Linux based operating system on the planet, OS4 OpenLinux 13.5.  With this release we bring lots of enhancements and feature updates to the OS4 OpenLinux operating system.

We have made several kernel enhancements that make the default kernel in OS4 OpenLinux that much faster and efficient.  Also, many new hardware drivers are included that support more hardware, out of the box.

Along with a new logo and an enhanced look and feel from our previous release, we have made OS4 OpenLinux one of the easiest to use operating systems that allows you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  We have made some new changes in the application line-up.

Arista Transcoder is now available to transcode personal video and make it possible to convert to any video format for any device.
Search for Files and Folders utility is much faster and is smarter.  It can remember previously used search terms and search within the same criteria
For the first time, Valves Steam hub is available by default in OS4 OpenLinux.
Firefox 22
Thunderbird 17.0.7
Day Planner 0.11
Clementine 1.0.1 is our new default audio player.  It supports file transfer to  iPod, iPad, The Barnes and Noble Nook tablets as well as the Kindle Fire line of devices
Nokia Maps has been removed and replaced with Google Maps which was perhaps one of the most requested changes we have made
The new Disk Utility from OS4 Enterprise Linux has replaced gParted on OS4 OpenLinux.
QT Libraries have been updated to match the KDE 4.10 Release
QTransmission 2.51

Plus many more feature enhancements.

Repository changes.

All repositories have been updated and the latest and most stable branches of applications are available and updates issued as soon as they are released.

We have added the LibreOffice 4.0 stable repository to OS4 OpenLinux.

The latest KDE release, KDE 4.10, is available in the repositories available for download.

OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 is available for download from our Sourceforge page

If you wish to support the OS4 OpenLinux Project you can purchase a copy of OS4 OpenLinux from the OS4 Marketplace

We are now on Twitter, where we will be giving some more information.  Be sure to follow us.



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Now, in December of  2012 the Amiga community lost one of its shining lights.  This man was a thinker, a PR genius and one of the key leaders of the Commodore and Amiga communities.  His name was Barry Altman.

Barry was the CEO of CommodoreUSA.  His dream was to revitalize a brand that had been misused, mistreated and abused so long and if not for his untimely demise he would have seen his dream come to fruition.  Barry was an awesome guy, I knew him personally.  Always full of life, and he was a true leader.  Lets join the Commodore and Amiga communities as they mourn the loss of one of their true pioneers.  Someone as instrumental to the success of Commodore as Jack Tramiel.

We are dedicating the release of OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 to the memory of the late Barry Altman, and in tribute we are dedicating our new Vision 64 keyboard computer and our Vision Server System to the memory of Barry Altman 1949 - 2012.

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