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Thursday, July 18, 2013

OS/4 and AROS Update. Refurbished PowerPC based Macs

We have made a few changes regarding our AROS support.  First, these aren't big changes but as we have gone through the integration of AROS, we have looked at the hosted system and made some changes.

Now we know this being the initial release not everything's going to be perfect.  Nothing ever is on the first release.  So as we have gone through we have figured out whats redundant on the hosted system and since the hosted system is to run classic Amiga applications, and develop new AROS apps we have made a few compromises here.

First, web browsing.  We have removed OWB from AROS.  We did this for two reasons.  To give users the best possible experience OS/4 has modern up2date web browsing capabilities and we feel that users needs will be best met using OS/4's web technologies.  This is not an insult to any of the great developers of AROS or OWB.  Now, you can install OWB and we fully expect developers to enhance it and make the web browsing experience on AROS much better and thats what we hope they will do.

Second, Muibuilder will be included in the AROS application.  We here at the OS/4 OpenLinux Project believe in building great tools and we want to enable AROS developers to create the best tools and create stellar applications.  We look at AROS and MorphOS as forward looking technologies.

Third, multimedia.  MPlayer will be included by default and is right now the best audio/video player available for AROS.

These changes will only affect the AROS application and not IcAROS that we will be shipping in VM on new systems.

Now, refurbished PowerPC Macs.  These machines have life left in them, as leases end and those machines become part of our Green strategy.  We will be taking in PowerBook G4's, Mac minis and G5's.  Until OS/4 PowerLinux becomes available we will ship those systems by default with MorphOS.  Which is another Amiga like operating system.  Its very elegant, very powerful and even more modern than the current release of AmigaOS 4.1. 

About MorphOS

MorphOS website

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