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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Introduction to AROS

So some people have asked me what is AROS and why should I care?  Well, for the average computer user you wont care about AROS.  You will continue to be able to do everything that you know and love on your own systems.

In a few short weeks OS4 OpenLinux 13.9 will be released and in that release and beyond we will have an OS called AROS in it.

What is AROS?
AROS virtually turns your x86 based systems into a hardware independent Amiga, no need for special, expensive, or rare hardware.  You are also free free from virtual machine software and having to hunt down old Kickstart ROM files.  Since AROS works as a Linux application it runs in its own process.  Now you can run all your Amiga 680x0 and PPC Amiga programs on OS4 OpenLinux.  And because OS4 OpenLinux has an interface thats just as easy to use as an Amiga, those users will feel right at home.  Coupled with AROS running your classic Amiga applications that you know and love, OS4 OpenLinux runs all the applications you need on the most stable distro around.

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