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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Announcing the OS/4 Virtual Appliance 1.0

What is this distribution?

This will be our 2nd professional distribution.  For use as a host system for Virtual Machines.

System specifics?

To remove the overhead of running Virtual Machines on non-specific host systems.  With traditional systems you have the overhead of applications, system services and installed system services like multimedia codecs, Java etc.  On this system you have core utilities, terminal, system log viewer and the task manager.  Core services will be networking, audio and display.  There will be two user applications, Hercules Studio a Mainframe Emulator and Oracle VirtualBox.  Web browsing, multimedia and application lineup will be handled by the guest operating system.


64 bit


There will be a freely available download release, disqualified from  support guarantee as well as a paid release that users can opt for subscription support for  $100.00 USD


Oct 1 2013

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