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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Four Fire one desktops available

Ok guys, we have 4 of the Fire 1 Desktops left in inventory.  We are selling them for $400.00 USD a piece plus shipping.  They come preinstalled with OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 and ship with a keyboard and mouse.  These are brand new systems.  So no refurbs or anything like that.

1. It comes with an AMD Dual Core E series 64 bit processor at 1.48 ghz
2. 4gb of RAM, for an extra $50.00 USD we will upgrade it to 8 gb of RAM
3. 500 gb hard drive

Contact us at for shipping rates and we will send you an invoice

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Announcing the OS/4 Virtual Appliance 1.0

What is this distribution?

This will be our 2nd professional distribution.  For use as a host system for Virtual Machines.

System specifics?

To remove the overhead of running Virtual Machines on non-specific host systems.  With traditional systems you have the overhead of applications, system services and installed system services like multimedia codecs, Java etc.  On this system you have core utilities, terminal, system log viewer and the task manager.  Core services will be networking, audio and display.  There will be two user applications, Hercules Studio a Mainframe Emulator and Oracle VirtualBox.  Web browsing, multimedia and application lineup will be handled by the guest operating system.


64 bit


There will be a freely available download release, disqualified from  support guarantee as well as a paid release that users can opt for subscription support for  $100.00 USD


Oct 1 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Plymouth Theme

We want to thank Jake Lyons of Seattle WA, for our new Plymouth theme.  Its simple, it looks professional and I want to thank the other 8 plymouth authors who did a theme.  You all did great work, and it was very touching that we had as many contributions as we did.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

E-Mail questions answered

Today we are going to do our Q&A of e-mail where we answer the most interesting questions we get from the community.  We do this after every major release and while this one was a little late in coming, we decided to keep this segment alive.

1.  Your software roadmap says you will be doing a Unity release.  Why didnt you just give your distro an Ubuntu remix name?  Why do you call your distro OS/4?

A) The Unity release we canceled and it wasn't an easy choice for me as I love Unity but that and the 'Ubuntu' naming was a legal decision.  First, to name your distro Ubuntu anything you have to get permission from Canonical and its very hard to do that.  Thats why you see things like, Ubuntu Ultimate Edition and Ubuntu Christian Edition changing their naming scheme.  We had already established OS/4 as a brand and while our original name for this was going to be Ubuntu Professional Edition we decided to skip the legal mambo and went ahead and released what we have under the OS/4 banner.

2.  Why do you keep enhancing the 3.2 kernel. Is there a reason why you dont use the most recent kernels?  Is it laziness or more technical?

We strive for stability.  There are enough distros out there that use the most recent kernels and we have found that to be a your-always-beta-testing route.  All our packages are up to date, application wise.  Our kernel is always up to date but we continue to enhance and make the existing kernels better.  Now, we have 2 routes we take with the kernel.  We have the stable kernel which is always in the releases of OS/4 as the default kernel and we have the experimental kernels which are codenamed "Merlin" which as of this moment is the 3.9 kernel.  Which our release of this kernel is actually pretty good and we have a ton of users who use this as the default kernel on their running systems.  OS/4 OpenLinux 14, uses the 3.5 kernel which we are working on back-porting drivers from the 3.9 kernel and it is our default kernel in our OS/4 SPARC Enterprise Linux port already.  So its not laziness, there is a method to our madness and if you ask users and customers our enhancements of the 3.2 kernel are actually pretty darn good.

3.  Please stop with the Amiga stuff.  The 1980's called and they want their OS stuff back.  What are you guys doing?

We are doing this for users who want to run their old Amiga applications.  There are still some good apps that people use out there that were written for the Amiga 68k.  Thats who this stuff is for.  The AROS subsystem is easy to get rid of if you don't want it, its also interesting playing around with this stuff.  But, for users who don't want it its out of sight and out of mind and for those that want it its there.  We lose nothing by offering IcAROS as a VM or MorphOS on the PowerPC refurbs.  I actually like MorphOS alot.

4.  Im glad someone wants to help with the Amiga community.  You said somethings about the Amiga trademarks in a chat.  Do you stand behind that?  Whats your progress so far on your Amiga to-do list?  What has been the reaction been from the community?

First, community reaction has been about 50/50.  Some like us, some hate us.  While we value all feedback we are constantly talking and doing stuff for the 50% that like what we are doing and want to see us succeed.  Thats why we are doing the Amiga Forever offering and the AROS work.  We also have that segment that sends us people who want to sabotage us and asks for the impossible.  But my overall experience has been pretty much good and what I expected.  We just hired a new dev team member  who is working on the SPARC port and when he gets done he wants to work on the Amiga stuff.  So as soon as the SPARC port is done I'm going to introduce him to the community and he will take over discussions and whatever development opportunities come from that segment.  I'll go back to working on OS/4 PowerLinux, evangelizing and OS/4 x86 development.  That doesn't mean I'm totally out, nor does it mean I wont be around the community.  He will handle things like reading forums, posting to forums etc. and reporting back to me whats going on in the daily life of the Amiga community.  I'll still be doing Ashachat and continuing to build our relationship with the community.   As long as they continue to take us seriously, we will take them seriously.  They start treating us like crap.  Well you get the picture.  But so far, a positive experience and I see a long relationship with the Amiga community.

Second, what I said in the Ashachat Q&A, I stand behind 100%.  It doesn't take a genius to see that all software related trademarks of Amiga are dead.  Just look at the USPTO and yes, we have registered certain trademarks and if any objections come up we will defend those vigorously.  Now, the Amiga community has told us that Linux has no role to play in any offering labeled Amiga and we appreciate that and thats why we, at this time, wont be offering Amiga OpenLinux or Amiga Enterprise Linux.  Since the Amiga community doesn't want to see it, any legal battles would just be simply for ego purposes alone and I don't see that as a reason to go to court.  Our hardware partners are happy with OS/4 and our future plans, we are excited and that 50% of the Amiga community is excited.  I also want to clarify something.  It has come to my attention that I supposedly got 2 cease and desists orders from Amiga Inc. regarding our logo choice.   Those are fabrications.  I have gotten NO cease and desists from Amiga Inc.  I even had everyone check their spam and junk folders and nothing.  Our logo choice, was a good choice and if you Google it, you can also find where we purchased that logo.  We purchased the black and white and altered it to be blue.  If Amiga Inc has an issue with our logo, I'm sure they will be in contact and we will deal with it as required.  Our logo is 100% legal and doesn't confuse ANYONE to the quality of OS/4 and what they actually purchase.  The AmigaOS market itself is so obscure, that if I used a checkmark it would not make a difference.

Third, our progress.  We have taken on two Amiga development projects and our port of OS/4 PowerLinux is ongoing.  So far we have the 3.2 kernel, 3.5 kernel and 3.9 kernels built.  We have gotten about 40% of Workspace Manager ported and we have gotten things like MP3, Youtube and almost all codecs working.  Its been pretty awesome to do and I am personally enjoying myself.  Now, we do want to target the X1000 and someone said, "isnt there enough X1000 Linux distributions"  Well thats true, except for the reality.  MintPPC hasn't had a major release since 2011.  Fedora doesnt support the PPC platform as a primary architecture so any build failures will not stop a release.  So you have the "if" factor.  If it works, if applications run.  Same with Ubuntu.  PC OpenSystems looks at PPC as a major architecture, there is no "if" factor.  If it doesnt run, it wont be released until fixed.  If an Application doesn't run it wont be released until fixed.  As soon as the initial project is built, we have 5 volunteers already who said they will maintain it and we will give them the same support as our x86 and SPARC teams.  So we will maintain an up to date, fully supported distro.  If A-EON and Acube don't want to be involved in the PPC build then we will target the Apple G4 and G5 as well as IBM servers.

5.  You guys had an OpenSUSE build at one time.  Whatever happened to it?  And do you plan to change systems?

The OpenSUSE build of OS/4 is actually still available but not broadly distributed.  Since we are disagreeing with Canonical on MIR and other factors, all routes are being investigated and pursued.

6.  I love OS/4 Enterprise Linux.  When will 4.2 be released and what can you tell us about it?

4.2 will be released in December.  Development is ongoing so there is no new news regarding OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.2.

7.  Is OS/4 based on LTS technology or on standard Ubuntu.  What kind of support do we get?

OS/4 OpenLinux and OS/4 Enterprise Linux are built on LTS technologies and are supported by Canonical LTS for 5 years.  PC OpenSystems after the 5 year period pulls 5 years of extended support for OS/4 Enterprise Linux.  OS/4 Enterprise Linux thus has 10 years of support.

8.  I know lots of Linux distributions disappear from lack of funding, lack of donations and a lack of interest.  What happens to the free version of OS/4 should this happen to you guys?  What do you guys do to ensure this doesnt happen to OS/4?

Well lack of funding and donations are a major drawback to any open Linux distribution.  We feel that pain as do many others.  But, right now its not a problem.  Starting with 13.7 we will start offering a $20.00 USD digital delivery version of OS/4 OpenLinux.  Right now, the free download release of OS/4 OpenLinux is disqualified from support subscriptions unlike if you purchase the USB key from the OpenSystems Marketplace.  The Digital delivery release will not be disqualified and is partially eligible for support subscription guarantee and it will have an "app store" or Marketplace.  And no, not the Ubuntu Software Center very similar to the USB key release.

If, and its a strong IF.  If the OS/4 OpenLinux Project cannot financially sustain itself, then releases will be less frequent and it will no longer be a free download.

So far, thats not happening.

9.  I like KDE, why did you stop doing the KDE release?

Lack of interest from users.  While the new releases of KDE are available via the repository, there was just not enough interest to continue to donate resources to the KDE release.  If we had a lot of users who wanted it and were willing to assist us in the development then sure.  But even the KDE developers and community were not interested in it or seeing a KDE based distribution succeed.  Also, a lack of testers.  Everyone wanted the XFCE/Workspace Manager release of OS/4 but no one wanted to help us test the KDE release properly.

10.  I like the macish window bars, I hate the white and blue one.  Can you please make the macish window bars the default again?

Thats happening in 13.6 or 13.7  Depending. :)

Thanks guys for some great questions.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 - Further Changes and commentary

As we draw closer to the release of OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6, we have made a few other changes to the base distribution.

We have backported the new disk utility from OS/4 Enterprise Linux over to OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6.  One of the biggest feature requests that we have had, basically because System Imager 1.0 is included, so we are bringing that over for users.

We had a request from a user for DivX Converter to be added to the repositories, but we looked at it, its a small tool.  We talked to our beta testers who work with multimedia and come to find out that user was not alone.  A lot of them use it.  So since its small we are going to add it to the base system.  As we target our distro to the creative types, we strive to make each of them happy.

Now, hosted AROS.  We have decided how we are going to ship it.  Its going to come archived.  So users who want it, unzip the file, run AROSBootstrap and it runs and it runs well.  Users who dont want it, erase it.  As we said before, we know since this is the first time delivering this technology that it wont be perfect.  Im not expecting it to be perfect, but as we get better so will the technology delivery.  Give us feedback and we will keep working on it.

Now, since our shipping hardware will ship with Oracle VirtualBox, and we have made AROS an option, there is another community who can find this type of delivery useful.  The Android community.  So we have targeted Android, the most recent version of Android and it will, upon request, be available for users on new systems.  This way mobile developers will be able to run it and test their software and have their desktop OS at the same time.  Because of the small foot print of Android and AROS, we can ship these on the refurbished system but mileage will vary.  These are an option for desktops only.  Servers wont have VirtualBox images shipped with it.

Now, I have constantly been asked who is this for?  Why are we doing AROS, why are we doing the Amiga stuff and who is it for.

Its for Linux users.  OS/4 has been and always will be for the Linux community.  We are building in these technlogies, FS-UAE, and AROS hosted for users who may want to run classic Amiga applications.  They can run Amiga Forever or get a copy of Amiga OS 3.9 that they own and run it.  OS/4 is not trying to bring back the Amiga.  The Amigas days are done, they are long past and its not coming back.  It gives some people a feeling of nostalgia, it is a hobby OS and it needs to be treated as such.  Now, OS/4 OpenLinux we like to tinker, we believe in hobbies and writing software for a hobby platform is fun, and we are giving users the technology to do just that.  AROS, is a good piece of technology, will it take off?  Thats up to the AROS community and developers, the most we can do is provide users with the tools to target that platform.  The AmigaOS targets a hardware architecture thats very obscure, most PowerPC shipments are servers or high end workstations, and the AmigaOS is not either a server platform and is not a high-end workstation OS.   No offense to Amiga users, its a fun toy, but not a platform anyone will take seriously anymore.  MorphOS on the other hand is a great platform, very advanced and light years ahead of AmigaOS.  Thats my personal favorite.  If you have an old Mac, get it.  Our "Amiga strategy" is to give users a modern Linux based OS, with tools that they can use to continue to indulge their favorite hobby.  Whether they take us up on the offer, thats up to them.  I wont lose any sleep over it, and I will do as I always have done.  Target my distribution at people that want it and that buy it.  Our OS/4 strategy is that we are for the users, always have been and always will be, and if we see a section of the computer market where we feel we can contribute positively, we always will.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

CafePress Store update

We have updated the Cafepress store with the new logos and you can get a wide variety of shirts, drinkware and other accessories.  Remember when you purchase from the Cafepress store you support the OS/4 OpenLinux Project.

Visit the CafePress store


When you click on the link above the products still show the old logo, when you go to purchase product it shows you the updated logo.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Refurbished machine and pricing

The order button has been published on the site and 2 systems have been added.

The Lenovo M58E

The Dell Optiplex 960t

OpenSystems Marketplace:  Refurbished machines

Thursday, July 18, 2013

OS/4 and AROS Update. Refurbished PowerPC based Macs

We have made a few changes regarding our AROS support.  First, these aren't big changes but as we have gone through the integration of AROS, we have looked at the hosted system and made some changes.

Now we know this being the initial release not everything's going to be perfect.  Nothing ever is on the first release.  So as we have gone through we have figured out whats redundant on the hosted system and since the hosted system is to run classic Amiga applications, and develop new AROS apps we have made a few compromises here.

First, web browsing.  We have removed OWB from AROS.  We did this for two reasons.  To give users the best possible experience OS/4 has modern up2date web browsing capabilities and we feel that users needs will be best met using OS/4's web technologies.  This is not an insult to any of the great developers of AROS or OWB.  Now, you can install OWB and we fully expect developers to enhance it and make the web browsing experience on AROS much better and thats what we hope they will do.

Second, Muibuilder will be included in the AROS application.  We here at the OS/4 OpenLinux Project believe in building great tools and we want to enable AROS developers to create the best tools and create stellar applications.  We look at AROS and MorphOS as forward looking technologies.

Third, multimedia.  MPlayer will be included by default and is right now the best audio/video player available for AROS.

These changes will only affect the AROS application and not IcAROS that we will be shipping in VM on new systems.

Now, refurbished PowerPC Macs.  These machines have life left in them, as leases end and those machines become part of our Green strategy.  We will be taking in PowerBook G4's, Mac minis and G5's.  Until OS/4 PowerLinux becomes available we will ship those systems by default with MorphOS.  Which is another Amiga like operating system.  Its very elegant, very powerful and even more modern than the current release of AmigaOS 4.1. 

About MorphOS

MorphOS website

New OS/4 Backgrounds and Iconset changes

We heard from many of you, our users that the new drawer icons were a little too blue and so with that we have changed the folders of the new iconset.  To something a little more modern, a little less retro, and a lot less blue.  So we have uploaded the OS4 Visualsubsystem 6 iconset, yes you can download it here Let us know what you think and test it on your current installations and let us know what you think.  We also have some great new backgrounds coming, some of thse were in the Ubuntu 13.04 release and those you can download as well.

For users of 13.6, those will ship with the default wallpaper set.

We are looking for a designer to design our new Plymouth theme and we think this will be a great opportunity for the community.  So if you feel like you got what it takes, the stage is yours.

Changes in OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 and beyond

So as the next release of OS/4 rolls closer, people are asking whats going to be our key features in OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6.

Aside from our visual enhancements we are working on the lower level services.

Live performance will be improved.  Some of you have said that you use the OS/4 live USB to fix problems with Microsoft Windows, so we will improve that performance.

New kernel.  Of course we will have improved driver support and and more bug fixes.

Boot-Repair will be included with 13.6.  Some of these EFI machines have a tendency to mess up the GRUB bootloader, so we are including a GRUB repair tool.

Updated Steam client.  Yes, Steam has been our most popular inclusion by far.

Illumination software creator will be returning.  We are in talks with Bryan Lunduke on featuring his development environment with OS/4 OpenLinux, Gambas will also remain as thats our most popular choice.  Bryan did an awesome job with Illumination Software Creator and customers liked it and people have been asking for a return so thats our intention.  We are hoping our talks work out and we want to bring you what you want.

Amiga support.  Why?  Users have requested it.  Since we reached out to the Amiga community its been a great building relationship and we do look forward to enhancing that relationship.  Now, I am a realist and our core audience and community could really care less.  Now, there are some people that do want it and we will include FS-UAE so customers can use their own ROMS and AmigaOS files.  Now we will also include AROS as an alternative method for those who dont have ROMS and want to run classic Amiga apps and games.  Amiga Forever we will not offer outside of our current bundle.  Now, with all shipping systems we will offer the IcAROS operating system in a VM.  IcAROS is a complete distribution of AROS and offers the best out of box AROS experience and Amiga like experience on x86 hardware. Performance is outstanding in VM's coupled with our hardware.  Now, that will be a choice so if you want your hardware with that VM, just put it in your order notes.  The AROS application in OS/4 OpenLinux will be removable for users who dont want it.

Updated QT.  QT 5.1.0  will be included in 13.6 and for the first time ever, if you order a custom configuration, you will be able to request KDE as your default desktop.  Now, QT is a popular development environment and runtime.  Even though Workspace Manager is a GTK environment we have an awesome integration with QT.  And we are about to improve that.  Workspace Manager/XFCE  has served us well since 2008 and the XFCE community has been AWESOME to work with and at times disagree with, but great nonetheless.  Workspace Manager 2.0, will be a complete rewrite with razor-qt as its underpinnings.  Razor-qt is a lightweight desktop manager based on the QT toolkit.  Starting with 13.7, Razor-qt will be INCLUDED with OS/4 in the repositories until at such time that Workspace Manager 2 can be a drop in replacement for Workspace Manager 1.0.  Now, in 13.7 we will be making a razor-qt based system so that users can start porting applications, evaluate it and we hope you love it as much as we do.  Its really an outstanding environment. But, we will not be discontinuing Workspace Manager 1.0, as Workspace Manager 2.0/Razor-QT becomes our standard DE, Workspace Manager 1.0 will still be offered for up to a year after the official release.

Our SPARC port will be released in 2 weeks and we are excited about that.  We have had awesome collaborations with SPARC vendors and they have been most helpful in getting this port ready and its as functional as OS/4 Enterprise Linux is on x64.  So an awesome job has been done on that front.  OS/4 SPARC Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 will retail for $500.00 USD and we will be hiring individuals to simply maintain that port.

OS/4 OpenLinux 14.  When will it be released?  When its ready.  Many of our beta testers have it.  Progress is moving along, after the SPARC port is done the development team will be rolling full steam ahead on 14.

OS/4 OpenLinux 15.  Some questions have been asked, will it be based on Debian or Fedora?  To tell you the truth, we have builds utilizing both environments.  An RPM distro and Debian.  Right now, we are looking at Debian.  But its up to our community.  RPM distros have compelling tools, we wont ever deny that but our userbase has been Debian lovers and personally, I like Debian.  But I like to explore options and to blindly ignore an option simply due to community likes or dislikes is a foolish thing to do.

So the future is bright, we are having a ton of fun and look forward to ,as always, bringing you guys the best operating system in the world.

Thanks guys.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux Project and PC OpenSystems LLC teaming up for a greener planet

We are announcing that we are teaming up with one of our sponsors,
PC OpenSystems LLC  as a part of their green initiative, They are making available immediately refurbished systems.  These systems are typically off lease and are sold to them by their clients and tested thoroughly with the same quality assurance tests they perform on their new hardware.  Machines that do not meet that quality assurance are scrapped and recycled and those that do pass are available for sale through the OpenSystems MarketPlace at a reduced price typically for less than $300.00.  They are also eligible for financing through PayPal.   These are great systems for an introduction to our open source Linux distribution, OS/4 OpenLinux.  They are also fantastic machines for surfing the internet, productivity and office tasks  and even for a first PC for college dorms.

$10.00 from each sale will be donated to the Global Green Grants Fund

So dont wait around on eBay and perhaps spend more than you want on refurbished PC's give back to the community and make good use of systems that are still 100% functional.

Refurbished PC's on the OpenSystems MarketPlace

Monday, July 15, 2013

New screenshots on new Icon set and adding panels

New folder icons

Some new icons in the settings menu

Some Menu chages and  some more of the new icons


OpenShot, Clementine and the shell

I realized my Tabbar was filling up so I added another shelf for all my development tools and system utilities.

This is the system that drives the worlds most advanced hardware

As a contemporary user desktop, as a high end developmental workstation, as a creative desktop OS4 OpenLinux and OS4 Enterprise Linux lets you Go Anywhere, Do Anything  (R).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Progress report on AROS support

We have had a few good turns with AROS hosted.  3D and Mesa are now fully supported.  We have replaced UAE and E-UAE with Janus UAE with a preconfigured image of  AROS 68k.  Networking is fully supported and functional.

Some of the programs that will be included are

Frying Pan
Wookie Chat
AROS Games
MUI Builder

and a few others

So while yes we are working on AROS, work also continues with OS4 OpenLinux 13.6

Friday, July 12, 2013

Licensing Amiga Forever and FS-UAE

**From the PC OpenSystems LLC SITE

We are pleased to announce that we have come to terms with Cloanto on the redistribution and licensing of their popular product Amiga Forever.  Amiga Forever is the premier emulation technology of the classic Amiga systems on x86 hardware.  The Amiga forever package comes with 5 hours of video.  Over 200 game ROMS and Amiga OS 3.x.

Since Amiga Forever doesnt develop a Linux version we will be distributing OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 and 13.6 with the FS-UAE emulator which is best of breed on Linux systems and is freely available.

The OS4 OpenLinux + Amiga Forever bundle will cost $115.00 and will start shipping from the OpenSystems Marketplace, Tues  July 16, 2013. You can place your orders now.

OS4 OpenLinux + Amiga Forever

Roberto J Dohnert CEO and lead developer of OS4 OpenLinux had this to say " We are very pleased to be bringing these technologies to classic Amiga users and developers.  Users can run their favorite Amiga games and Amiga applications on top of the very best Linux based system on the market.  That coupled with the most state of the art hardware, this combination will feel like the fastest Amiga machine on the market.  We are pleased to be the only contemporary Linux distributor to bring this to our users and customers.  We would like to thank Mr.  Battilana and the staff at Cloanto for helping us make this possible"

About Amiga Forever

Amiga Forever website

About FS-UAE

FS-UAE website

About OS4 OpenLinux

OS4 OpenLinux Project

UPDATE July 17, 2013

There has been a faulty news report from a german news site who claims we do not have a license to sell this product.  Well this is wrong.  We are redistributing this product, we stand behind this product 100% just like the rest of our products and the first orders have already been shipped out to the people who have ordered them.  According to our Press and Public relations officer, Dana, she has not received ANY requests or e-mail from this news site requesting information.  So as far as we are concerned this is an unreliable and erroneous reporting.  Any requests regarding public relations or press relations needs to be directed to Dana Dice,  Any requests for licensing information or our partnerships needs to be directed to our legal department, and the best method of contact for that is and they will evaluate those requests.   We strive to bring you top notch products.  If we dont develop it than we go through outside vendors and we have established the partnerships and proper licensing to do this.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer sale on hardware

I am very pleased to let everyone know we are having a summer sale on our hardware from Acer.

The new prices are at the marketplace

These hardware prices will remain low through the rest of the summer and for back to school.

OpenJDK 8 Technology Preview Available

Today we are making the OpenJDK 8, technology preview available.  We are making this available for download, so Java developers can get a head start in developing and testing their Java apps to target OpenJDK 8.

This is not included in the OS4 Enterprise Linux release or in the OS4 OpenLinux release.  We do not recommend using this as your default Java Stack in production environments.

You can download the Technology Preview from here

The OpenJDK 8 and OpenJRE 8 are both available and will be updated as Oracle march towards a stable release.

These are tar.gz archives, when the Developer Review becomes available we will build .deb packages.

Monday, July 8, 2013

OS4 Enterprise 4.1.3 Released

Today we are pleased to release OS4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3.  With this release we are bringing incremental and some feature changes to our next generation Enterprise Linux offering.  All updates are available via the Update manager for current customers who do not wish to reinstall their system.  We do recommend those customers do a complete system backup before you upgrade.

So whats new in OS4 Enterprise Linux feature wise?

Quick launch from the top panel to the tilebar, this allows us to make available to system admins quick launch utilities that have been requested.
Web Browser for launching web apps,
mail launcher to launch the mail client, terminal for accessing lower level functions and command line configuration tools.
The log viewer for viewing system logs
the system monitor for monitoring system activity.
Permanent RAM disk.  So why do we need a RAM disk in 2013?  This allows system admins a place to put temporary files they may not want to keep on their user desktops that will be gone with the next reboot.   For kiosk users, this will allow them to store configuration files so if the Kiosk gets compromised they can reboot and restore the machine quickly and efficiently.  They can also use it as a store point if they allow users to download files so when that user leaves, they can clean up the desktop quickly.
CPanel is now a part of the Server Expansion pack
Illumination Software Creator 6.0 is available in the Server Expansion pack

Some of the updates included are

3.2 kernel update that includes new drivers and new features.  We have also sped up the system so its faster.
Firefox 22
Thunderbird 17.0.7
QT 5.1 and QT Creator 2.7.2
Microsoft Hyper V and Amazon EC2 support has been improved
Install on Solid State drives has been improved.  Swap Space easier to disable on Solid State drives
*System Imager 0.1.1 our fork of Remastersys is included for backup of the system in an ISO
Dropbox support has been improved and does not start on default
OS4 Kernel 3.9 install script is included for users who wish to use the 3.9 kernel

Many more system updates and driver updates.

*System Imager is not available via the repositories at this time and will be released publicly at a later date.


OS4 Enterprise Linux is available through the OpenSystems Marketplace for $99.00 or you can quick purchase below for new users.

OS4 Enterprise
OS4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 is available to be used as the default operating system on ALL HARDWARE available in the OpenSystem Marketplace.

The Demo ISO is available via our Sourceforge Page.  It does not include an hard drive installer, Synaptic or System Imager 0.1.1 or the OS4 kernel 3.9 install script.  It is to test for hardware compatibility.

Coming Soon

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cross Platform with Hollywood

" Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create graphical applications very easily. It was designed with the paradigm to make software creation as easy as possible in mind. Thus, Hollywood is suited for beginners and advanced users alike. Hollywood comes with an extensive function library (encompassing over 600 different commands) that simplifies the creation of 2D games, presentations, and applications, to a great extent. It has been in development since 2002 and hence is today a very mature and stable software package.
One of the highlights of Hollywood is its inbuilt cross-compiler which can be used to deploy software on many different platforms without having to change a single line of the code. The cross-compiler can compile for all platforms from any platform Hollywood is running on. For instance, you can compile Mac OS X application bundles using the Windows version of Hollywood."

Version 5.3 is going back on sale and we have tested 4.7 on OS4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 under Wine and as soon as 5.3 becomes available we will also test under Wine.

Vision 64 Continued

The Vision 64

Saturday, July 6, 2013

QT 5.1 in OS4 OpenLinux 13.6

On the next release of OS4, 13.6 we will be releasing QT 5.1.0 bundled with it.  A list of the changes can be found here.

OS4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 will have QT 5.1 and that will be released this week.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Update on our Debian transition and 32 bit

Several people have asked me where we stand on our Debian transition from the OS4 OpenLinux standpoint.  Progress is ongoing and its coming along.  We have the base system built and its in the hands of SOME testers.  Now why do we say SOME testers?  Because, its not ready yet for public consumption.  Many of the Ubuntu specific tools have not been ported yet and its basically coming together.  14 is our next major milestone and 14 will be a long winded release because we know that when we release 15, our full Debian transition, not everything will work right and there will be bugs that need to be ironed out and fixed.  Because our target customer and user is the SOHO, Education and Enterprise customer we want to make the transition as easy as possible, so we are going to support 14 for a year during the transition to our pure Debian base and we want to be able that we support Debian and Ubuntu applications.

We have 3 groups working on three different things.  The 13 series, 14 and 15.  As soon as we have a beta ready you guys will get access as always.

Now, 32 bit support.  Its been a long transition to 64 bit from 32 bit and we still have users that use 32 bit systems.  So for 14 we will be doing a 32 bit build.  I committed to as much a few months ago.  32 bit in 15?  Now thats something we will evaluate as it comes along.  No promises.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Introduction to AROS

So some people have asked me what is AROS and why should I care?  Well, for the average computer user you wont care about AROS.  You will continue to be able to do everything that you know and love on your own systems.

In a few short weeks OS4 OpenLinux 13.9 will be released and in that release and beyond we will have an OS called AROS in it.

What is AROS?
AROS virtually turns your x86 based systems into a hardware independent Amiga, no need for special, expensive, or rare hardware.  You are also free free from virtual machine software and having to hunt down old Kickstart ROM files.  Since AROS works as a Linux application it runs in its own process.  Now you can run all your Amiga 680x0 and PPC Amiga programs on OS4 OpenLinux.  And because OS4 OpenLinux has an interface thats just as easy to use as an Amiga, those users will feel right at home.  Coupled with AROS running your classic Amiga applications that you know and love, OS4 OpenLinux runs all the applications you need on the most stable distro around.

OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of the most advanced Linux based operating system on the planet, OS4 OpenLinux 13.5.  With this release we bring lots of enhancements and feature updates to the OS4 OpenLinux operating system.

We have made several kernel enhancements that make the default kernel in OS4 OpenLinux that much faster and efficient.  Also, many new hardware drivers are included that support more hardware, out of the box.

Along with a new logo and an enhanced look and feel from our previous release, we have made OS4 OpenLinux one of the easiest to use operating systems that allows you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  We have made some new changes in the application line-up.

Arista Transcoder is now available to transcode personal video and make it possible to convert to any video format for any device.
Search for Files and Folders utility is much faster and is smarter.  It can remember previously used search terms and search within the same criteria
For the first time, Valves Steam hub is available by default in OS4 OpenLinux.
Firefox 22
Thunderbird 17.0.7
Day Planner 0.11
Clementine 1.0.1 is our new default audio player.  It supports file transfer to  iPod, iPad, The Barnes and Noble Nook tablets as well as the Kindle Fire line of devices
Nokia Maps has been removed and replaced with Google Maps which was perhaps one of the most requested changes we have made
The new Disk Utility from OS4 Enterprise Linux has replaced gParted on OS4 OpenLinux.
QT Libraries have been updated to match the KDE 4.10 Release
QTransmission 2.51

Plus many more feature enhancements.

Repository changes.

All repositories have been updated and the latest and most stable branches of applications are available and updates issued as soon as they are released.

We have added the LibreOffice 4.0 stable repository to OS4 OpenLinux.

The latest KDE release, KDE 4.10, is available in the repositories available for download.

OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 is available for download from our Sourceforge page

If you wish to support the OS4 OpenLinux Project you can purchase a copy of OS4 OpenLinux from the OS4 Marketplace

We are now on Twitter, where we will be giving some more information.  Be sure to follow us.



All orders to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are free.  Outside of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico there are additional Customs charges, and the cost of shipment is high.  Please contact us before you place your order from outside the United States.

To give you an idea of shipping here is the USPS postage calculator and the USB keys we ship in large envelopes

If you wish to support the OS4 OpenLinux Project with a donation,  you can click below and all funds go towards project needs.

Now, in December of  2012 the Amiga community lost one of its shining lights.  This man was a thinker, a PR genius and one of the key leaders of the Commodore and Amiga communities.  His name was Barry Altman.

Barry was the CEO of CommodoreUSA.  His dream was to revitalize a brand that had been misused, mistreated and abused so long and if not for his untimely demise he would have seen his dream come to fruition.  Barry was an awesome guy, I knew him personally.  Always full of life, and he was a true leader.  Lets join the Commodore and Amiga communities as they mourn the loss of one of their true pioneers.  Someone as instrumental to the success of Commodore as Jack Tramiel.

We are dedicating the release of OS4 OpenLinux 13.5 to the memory of the late Barry Altman, and in tribute we are dedicating our new Vision 64 keyboard computer and our Vision Server System to the memory of Barry Altman 1949 - 2012.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Updated hardware listings

Today we updated our hardware listing and brought some great systems through our hardware partner ACER who provides most of the systems in our lineup.  And while there was no update on our most popular system, The BriQ.  We will be updating that system in the near future.

OS4 Marketplace:  Hardware

You will notice that our prices have dropped some.

For high quality, high availabilty systems running the most advanced Linux based Operating System we hope you guys will continue to choose us.

Thank you.

The OS4 development team.