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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Open Invention Network and OpenStack Foundation

Two pieces of news today.  We are pleased to announce that PC OpenSystems and the OS4 OpenLinux project has joined the Open Invention Network.  By joining the Open Invention Network, we have indemnification for our customers of OS4 Enterprise Linux and OS4 Education, and users of OS4 OpenLinux where they are protected in case PC OpenSystems LLC gets sued for patent infringement.  Along with this agreement comes a whole host of other licensees who have agreed not to sue PC OpenSystems LLC for anything they perceive as patent infringement, this includes companies like IBM, Red Hat, Novell, Sony among many other leading UNIX and Linux companies.  There will be no SCO like lawsuits in our future.  A copy of that agreement is available to all customers and users upon request.

The other piece of news is that PC OpenSystems LLC and the OS4 OpenLinux Project have joined the OpenStack Foundation.  We are very pleased with our membership in the OpenStack foundation and this means that OS4 Enterprise Linux and OS4 Education will be tested and certified by the OpenStack Foundation and becomes a first class citizen by which to run your OpenStack deployments.  We are working on documentation for installing OpenStack on OS4 Enterprise and OS4 Education.

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