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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Options to hardware

In regards to our hardware we are making the following announcements.

On all desktops, and laptops upon customer request we will ship with VirtualBox with AROS installed as a guest.

Upon successfully testing these systems with AROS and making sure that all system hardware is supported, AROS will be shipped as a dual boot option upon customer request.

So why are we including AROS "upon request".  The reason for "upon request" is that most of the people that buy hardware from us buy it for OS4 Enterprise Linux or OS4 OpenLinux.  While the Amiga market is a smaller much less expansive market, we do realize some of those customers are going to want a platform to run their older Amiga apps and they will want to keep working on their Amiga development projects.  AROS will allow them to do that and we look forward to working with the AROS system on hardware support and availability.

AROS inclusion will not be available, understandably, on the Server hardware.

Pricing.  The option will be available July 1, 2013 and there will be no extra charge.

About AROS

The OS4 Marketplace

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