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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Documentation expanded and new communications

Today we are pleased to present three new titles to the documentation page.

First, we are pleased to announce SAMS publishing has given us permission to make available the ebook, Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 hours.  While this reference pertains to UNIX there is a lot of useful information in there for Linux admins and its a great technical reference.  So thank you SAMS.

Second is, Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, 2nd Edition.  This reference is a great tool for system admins and anyone who wants to learn the command line and shell scripting.

Third, is the Newbies Guide To Linux.  This reference pertains to basic introduction to the Linux operating system.

So in our work to expand the documentation we have greatly expanded the documentation library and we have a commitment from the documentation lead Rich, to expand it more

Second order of business is that we have expanded the support e-mail system.  We have added a support e-mail address instead of my own personal e-mail address.  All OS4 OpenLinux developers, myself included have the password to this e-mail address and will be checking it on a daily basis.  This gives you more access to the development team and will also help speed up response times of me having to e-mail the appropriate person to get a response.   Any of you amateur artists that want to contribute artwork or logo enhancements can e-mail the Design Team lead, Cristobal, at this address.  All artwork will be reviewed by him and approved by myself, Ryan and Cristobal.  All submitted artwork, themes, icons, logos etc. become the property of the OS4 OpenLinux project and will be made available on a royalty free basis and licensed under the LGPLv3.  Anything non-design related will be referenced back to me for an answer.

Connecting to us on social networking has become easier.  The Facebook Page and our new Twitter page can be referenced from the side panel and is not buried in the site.  Just click on the appropriate icon and you will be redirected to that community.  And we do have a great community.

Thanks everyone.

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