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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Questions about OS4 Enterprise 4.1

Some people have asked me why we made some choices with OS4 enterprise 4.1 and I decided I would answer these questions now and hopefully help these people understand why we make these decisions and hopefully put them at ease.  The OS4 team believes in being open about everything.  This includes explaining ourselves in our product design and implementation.

1.  What makes your system better than Red Hat Linux and SUSE Linux?  What do you do thats different?
A) We do a lot different from our enterprise competitors.  We include all the software you guys need to set up your basic server or basic workstation out of box.  you go and add the software packages that you need after the install but if all you need is a basic web server, file server or a development workstation everythings included out of box.  We also use a graphical install which system admins have become accustomed to in a Windows and Mac world.  We dont bore you out of your skull with dialog boxes asking how you want to configure the system.  we believe in simplicity and we have found that customers and users just ask themselves 3 questions during an initial install.  Where do I want it installed, what country I'm in and what username and password does my sys admin want to use.  Anything beyond that is setup after the initial install.

2.  Why do you charge $100.00 for OS4 Enterprise 4.1?  Thats just ridiculous for Ubuntu with extra packages added.
A) Actually, look at how much our competitors charge for a competing product.   Red Hat $349 to $8,500.00, SUSE Linux $552 to $1,500.  Sure you can find those products cheaper online, but the unofficial, cheaper packaged products you find are burned copies of a pirated set of install disks that Red Hat or SUSE wont support.  CentOS is free but its a do it yourself distribution.  Meaning while everything is running great, awesome but if something breaks you are on your own.  Ubuntu Server starts at $329 and goes to $1,200 bucks per server but the more you add the more it costs, and we charge you the initial costs of $100 to acquire the software, we dont disable anything, we dont say you CANT do something with the software you purchased.  If you want to do it yourself, you dont have to buy support. But if you want the piece of mind that your software is supported by a very fanatically enthusiastic great group of people that puts you, the customer, above all else, you will find our support subscriptions very affordable.  OS4 Enterprise does what the competition does, but its more affordable.  Our competitors while they also have good products, they discriminate on hardware.  they want you to purchase SERVER class hardware.  We here at PC/OpenSystems LLC dont care about your hardware.  Being a small business ourselves, we understand that sometimes small businesses cant afford a few $1,000 to $3,000 dollar server machines.  if you want to run a few eMachines and/or Acer desktop systems as servers, go right ahead, we dont care.  We will support anything, and when you are ready to upgrade, visit the OS4 Store and buy a few server systems.  Ubuntu with a few packages installed?  Hardly, we work our butts off to produce an enterprise class system thats A) Affordable and B) easier to administer and maintain and yet gives you the same world class features you have come to expect from our competitors.

3.  Red Hat and Novell dont include network manager by default, they claim that its a security risk, why does OS4 use network manager?
A) In all my years of administering servers and deploying servers I have never seen one get compromised because of network manager.  'Well it has wireless" they say.  Click on network manager and you see that little radio box right beside "Enable Wireless" uncheck it.  Wireless is disabled. Network Manager in OS4 Enterprise offers you openconnect and VPN, two highly secure networking protocols for you to use.  Alot of our competitors you have to download the packages and mass configure those features.  OS4 Enterprise includes them out of box.

4.  Why does a server need a desktop and why KDE?
A) For the KDE question, our customers want it.  KDE was one of the most widely requested features.  Its what alot of customers wanted.  As for the desktop in a server.  We are appealing to system admins coming from a Windows and Mac OS X Server world.  These guys are used to having a desktop and they expect it.  for those Linux users who like to use the command line and want a Window Manager to stream over SSH we also include DWM, the Dynamic Window Manager, which is a tiling Window Manager and for those that like command line only, we include bootup manager so you can disable the windowing system from launching.   If you want to use Webmin, its included, go right ahead.  So we do try to please everyone.

So thats why we take some of the steps in OS4 Enterprise that we do.  we took the great product that was OS4 Enterprise 4.0 and let you guys tell us what you wanted in OS4 Enterprise 4.1.  If you guys have anymore questions or comments, drop em my way.


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