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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OS4 kernel 3.9 updater

The OS4 kernel updater 3.9 has been uploaded.  This script downloads and installs the Linux kernel 3.9 for OS4 OpenDesktop 13.x and OS4 Enterprise 4.x

Some of the changes include

- File-system improvements; see our HDD and SSD Linux 3.9 file-system benchmarks. Btrfs has experimental RAID5/6 support and fsync performance improvements. There's also a fix for an EXT4 corruption bug. Samsung's new F2FS file-system has seen various improvements.

- Faster LZO compression within the kernel.

- Improved power management, including a new lightweight suspend mode.

- Improved ARM SoC support.

- Mainlining of Google's Goldfish.

- Support for a new architecture that's already powering billions of devices.

- Many DRM graphics driver changes. Nouveau, the open-source reverse-engineered NVIDIA Linux graphics driver, is faster for some Linux OpenGL games. There's also some Intel OpenGL performance changes.

Here are some preparation steps for installing a new kernel:

Uninstall VirtualBox if installed, the DKMS builder will fail building the DKMS modules for Virtual box on initial install of the kernel.  You can reinstall when its finished

You can download the kernel updater from

Thank you

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