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Monday, May 20, 2013

Changes to OS4

Rebooting OS4.  We are in the process of rebooting the way OS4 is made and released.  We are discontinuing the OS4 OpenDesktop name, the free distribution will be called OS4 OpenLinux.  The Enterprise release will be called OS4 Enterprise Linux.  Now besides the naming what other changes are we making?  We are changing the way its developed.  The community will  be able to help us hands on by contributing code, contributing and fixing packages.  Working on documentation, for those that want to contribute hardware to the OS4 project can do so and of course donations and such.  OS4 Enterprise Linux and OS4 Education will not be a part of the that cycle.  With this reboot we will work with contributors on version numbering and such.  Pricing for the product will not be changed.  Now, to contribute code what will be required.  First you have to send us an e-mail of intent, rjdohnert_at_pc-opensystems_dot_com.  register with sourceforge and the requirements that MUST be met.

1.  All Code contributions must be in source format and a binary .deb file must be provided.

2.  All kernel revisions will be licensed under the GPLv2, any modified applications must be licensed under the creators original license.  Any custom apps can be licensed under the BSD license, GPLv2 or GPLv3.

3.  Custom apps will be looked at and determined if they focus on a certain need.

4.  Any kernel revisions must be compiled with squashFS support

With Documentation it will be reviewed for
- Accuracy
- it must be provided in odt format.  Make sure you put your name to the documentation.

Contributed hardware must be in
- Working order
- Must not be more than 5 years old

So why did we decide to make these changes?  Because we want to allow the community to contribute more and this will allow OS4 Online to be more like a traditional open source project.

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