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Saturday, April 13, 2013

OS4 Enterprise 4.1 Beta Released

Today we are announcing the first beta release of OS4 Enterprise 4.1.  With this beta release you get a first look at the rock solid platform that the PC/OpenSystems team offers to our customers.  With this release you get several updates

Linux kernel 3.2.0-40
Improved HFS+ support

We removed alot of the creation tools and which can be downloaded through the repositories.  As with OS4 Enterprise 4.0 DWM has been included as our tiling window manager.

One of the requests we had from customers of OS4 Enterprise 4.0 is that they didnt really love the layout of the panels and werent in love with the BeOS style.  They wanted something more traditional  and we listened.  So we produced an interface that is absolutely gorgeous and customizable.

As always, give us some feedback and let me know what you guys think.

You can download the beta here

The file name is sonata.iso

Now a disclaimer, this is BETA software, some features may work, some features may not work.  This may crash your system.  Do not use as a production release.  If you want a stable release of Enterprise, you can purchase it from the OS4 Store

Thank you

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