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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kindle Fire HD 7' and 8.9' available in the OS4 Store

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of our tablet offerings.  The Kindle Fire HD7' and Kindle Fire HD 8.9'.  These tablets bring full circle our hardware offerings from PC/OpenSystems LLC.

The 7' model comes with 16gb of memory and wifi capabilities

the 8.9' model comes in a variance of 16gb or 32gb models.  These come with Wifi or 4G LTE capabilities.

They also come preloaded with a host of applications:

Kingsoft Office
FB Reader J
Adobe Reader

Plus many more

Pricing is as follows:

7' model is $260.00
8.9' model with 16gb is $300.00
8.9' model with 32gb is $350.00

Q So why are we charging a little bit more than Amazon?
A Well we preinstall the apps and we also thoroughly test these tablets before we ship them out, they go through the same quality checks as the rest of our hardware does.

Q Why do you charge international shipping?
A to cover the costs of customs and high international shipping charges

You can order these through the OS4 Store.  

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