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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OS4 Enterprise 4.1 Status update

With the upcoming OS4 Enterprise 4.1 release we have a few things coming down the line which bring much added value to our enterprise customers.

1.  The most requested feature, the KDE desktop.  OS4 Enterprise 4.1 will be released with the KDE desktop 4.8.  Why 4.8? Because its tested and works well.  We havent done so much testing with 4.10, but as we do we like it and you can expect 4.10 in OS4 Enterprise 4.2 at the end of the year.

2.  While OS4 Enterprise 4.1 serves a dual purpose, desktop and a server there are a few services disabled by default.  The OpexFTP daemon is disabled, Bluetooth is disabled by default, Akonadi is disabled by default and Nepomuk is disabled by default.  You can turn these services on and off as needed but considering servers dont use bluetooth and fast file search, they are disabled by default.

3.  Kernel 3.2.0-39 will be installed by default

4.  We have two new filesystems that will be included in OS4 Enterprise 4.1, ZFS and the Oracle Cluster Filesystem

5.  Broader development tools, we are now including the QT SDK by default and we still ship Gambas2, Eclipse and Monodevelop

So those are some of the exciting features coming in OS4 Enterprise 4.1.  More information is coming soon.

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