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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is OS4 really enterprise ready?

I have been asked this question time and again, OS4 Enterprise 4.1 is it really enterprise ready?  Dont you guys just take vanilla Ubuntu and just repackage it?

The answer there is two fold, but to answer the question YES, its enterprise ready.  We support ANY enterprise environment, big, small and medium.  We support 50 users to 1,500 users. First of all, we make the best Linux based server.  PC/OpenSystems LLC has raised the bar on Linux servers.  Lets look at the two best selling Linux servers, SUSE Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  In the enterprise world communication and security are paramount.  Red Hat and SUSE ship their Enterprise Linux offerings with everything turned on, all ports and the cannon ready to fire.  This is until some crafty hacker comes and puts his finger in the barrel and it backfires wreaking havoc on everything.  We ship with all server based packages turned off, upon installation you have no SSH, you have no OpenLDAP, MySQL, Apache or Active Directory function.  This closes the window of oppurtunity for hackers so admins dont have to sit by the machine and wait for it to finish its install, go do something else and come back to it without having to worry about your network being compromised.  Our systems ship up to date with all security patches and application updates so you can install Enterprise and dont have to be connected to a network.  Red Hat and SUSE dont do that, you get a snapshot of whatever software is available at the time of build and you have to be connected to the network so YAST and YUM can connect and download your updates.  PC/OpenSystems LLC monitors the security networks and when a vulnerability to a package is discovered we immediately get started on a fix and release it.  Our longest time of patch is 20 days and that was an extreme.  But we also take that patch and integrate it into the system and rebuild the product.  This keeps customers from having to sit and install updates to a vulnerability from 2 years ago, Red Hat and SUSE, no.  they may start on that same fix in a couple of months and they give you a long list of updates when you install.  We take security very seriously here, to the point we are obsessive about it. 

Communications, we talk to everything and any kind of product.  OS4 Enterprise is a master in linguistics.  We talk to Apple, we talk to Netware, we talk to Microsoft, we talk to UNIX and we talk to other Linux based systems.  We believe in diversity and we know the realization that customers will deploy other platforms or have legacy platforms they have to support.

We ship with the latest filesystems, the Oracle Cluster Filesystem, ZFS, XFS, Apples HFS+ and we even support NTFS and the OS/2 HPFS.

We support all kinds of software, commercial, open source, and public domain software.  We work with partners to make sure that their software will run on OS4 Enterprise.  IBM WebSphere, Apples WebObjects, Red Hat JBoss, Oracle 11g, Salesforce etc.  We do this so you can be rest assured that from the minute you receive your package you know you have the support you need for your mission critical applications.

Ease of use, other vendors believe that you have to sacrifice ease of use for performance and we dont believe that to be so.  So much in fact, that we have the most user friendly enterprise based Linux solution on the market. We have features on par, and that go above and beyond what other vendors offer.  With our server extensions add-on package we truly make magic happen.

One for the server and one for the desktop.  Other vendors believe that the way to go is an enterprise server and an enterprise desktop.  Two different products.  We believe that a desktop with a server kernel makes for a better desktop and you dont sacrifice desktop performance.  If you want desktop effects, turn them on.  If you need a specific desktop application, hit the repositories.  In our repositories we have thousands of desktop apps and we have thousands of server apps.  Take your pick.  Purpose OS4 Enterprise for what you need it to do whether you need a rock hard server or a rock hard desktop.   Want to re-purpose that old eMachine as a file-server? Go ahead.  Under your support contract we support that.  Other vendors, ask them the answer is a resounding NO

The developers delight.  Included with OS4 Enterprise is a vast array of development tools, Rapid Appication development, Java or for the classic guys who like coding in a text editor.  We support all developer languages and  you have a buffet of tools that you can use, that are INCLUDED with the system.  So whether you run a supercomputer, to a server or a desktop, you have the tools you need.

Now some on the blogosphere have stated that we just repackage Ubuntu and resell it.  Well for those people I say this, buy Ubuntu Server, buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux, buy SUSE Enterprise Linux and buy OS4 Enterprise run a side by side comparison.  Thats a Pepsi challenge I urge you to take.  The question is, which Enterprise Linux product can I buy thats cost effective, powerful and can maintain my critical infrastructure?  The answer is simple and short, its called OS4.

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